10 Different Ideas for Stairwell Wall

A typical wall has lots of home décor and design ideas that can be applied. A stairwell wall is a little different. Everyone’s in transit in a stairwell, so the type of décor or items you apply anywhere on a wall will not get much visual attention. Many of what you’ll find used on these stairwell walls are function-based and serve a real purpose, such as corner guards.

Here are ideas for a stairwell wall that you can use.

Idea #1: Add Paneling

Panels can take a flat, boring stairwell wall and convert the entirety into a whole new surface, textured and with real rhythm to it. There are stone-cut panels, industrial PVC Slatwall, wood siding, and all sorts of panels you can apply to a wall. Much of it is unassuming and minimalist, with the ability to blend into almost any aesthetic.

Idea #2: Trendy Lighting

A dark stairwell isn’t visually appealing and is itself a hazard. Lighting is necessary for larger stairwells, so install trendy lighting fixtures along your stairwell wall or opt for in-ceiling lights. Whatever you choose, you want to ensure your fixtures are not in the way. Any lighting on a stairwell wall should provide sight in the dark and be out of the way.

Idea #3: Apply Wallpaper

You can create a visual texture with wallpaper applied to your stairwell, which is a real treat for the eyes. Wallpapers naturally have rhythms and patterns that are very pleasing to look at. Wallpaper doesn’t need to be throughout a room, either. A stairwell wall creates a sort of centrepiece for wallpaper; even better, it does not take up any physical space when applied.

Idea #4: Install Corner Guards

Metal corner guards are perfect for protecting your stairwell wall. If you’re regularly bringing up heavy and bulky items or materials, corner guards add a protective layer that is your best bet at avoiding permanent wall damage. If something accidentally falls into the wall, it’ll hit the corner guard, not the wall, helping to avoid and cover dents and unsightly damage.

Idea #5: Install a Railing

Any stairwell probably has a railing on one side but may not have one on the other. Another railing may be something to consider. It doesn’t have to be the same railing, either. You can do something creative with this, although it is worth keeping in mind that it will cut into the space in the stairwell. This is a smart move for particularly wide stairs as you don’t know how many individuals might be coming up or down the stairs at any given moment.

Idea #6: Carve Out In-Wall Spaces

Something else you can attempt is to create and use in-wall storage in your stairwell wall. This is complex design work but is a nice way to highlight different décor and add something creative inside a space that is often not very interesting to look at. This involves carving out holes and building different storage spaces in the wall, which requires a lot of planning and consideration beforehand.

Idea #7: Themed Architecture

Wall architecture and wall art are made from several materials you can add. Different stairwells and properties will call for different things. You may have a stairwell wall that resembles something industrial and the mechanic, luxury and modern, abstract and minimalist, rustic and farmhouse, or several aesthetics. You have many ways to go with architecture and small decorative items that you can post to a wall to add character.

Idea #8: Photographs and Art

Older homes often have photographs and art hung on the wall in their stairwells. This might be something to consider depending on where your stairwell is located. The best way to do this is to tell a story with what’s being shown. The further one goes up or down, the more they discover. Consider that when choosing a sequence of art or photographs to apply here.

Idea #9: Painting a Mural

Instead of framed photographs and art canvases, you can apply those same artistic statements directly to your stairwell wall. Paint a mural. These can also be abstract shapes or patterns. You can make it colourful in the stairwell instead of leaving it bland and empty like the average stairwell.

Idea #10: Use Ceiling Décor

You may want to keep some stairwell walls bare and aim to have décor hanging from the ceiling instead. You can use all sorts of ceiling décor, including hanging plants. You can choose to design your décor as well, such as with perceptively-invisible fishing lines. Try to think of something relatively lightweight and themed to your property that could be hung from the ceiling or wall, employing a fishing line. This decor can be very creative. However, it should be secured appropriately at all times.