10 Latest Trends in Visual Merchandising

There are many different ways to draw attention to a product, to engage customers, and to entice them to spend their money. Visual merchandising is always evolving, and retail store owners as well as designers should make it a habit to follow the latest trends so they can find the best ways to present their merchandise, and to create an atmosphere that will attract customers.

If you are looking for new ways to boost your sales, it’s time to learn more about 10 of the latest trends in visual merchandising:

Trend #1: Experiential merchandising

To be able to compete with online stores, many retail store owners turn to experiential merchandising. The goal, here, is to provide consumers with a unique shopping experience that will be better than anything they could see online.

For example, a store can set up a pop-up display that will surprise and engage their customers, and encourage them to share photos or videos of their experience on social media.

Trend #2: Immersive experiences

Immersive experiences are a trend that will put the latest technologies at the service of retail stores. Thanks to virtual reality, customers who visit a store and look at different displays will be able to learn more about the products they are interested in, and even to try on some virtual clothes.

Once again, the goal is to engage customers and to make them want to return to the store, and to invite their friends to come with them.

Trend #3: Localised merchandising

It’s important for a retail store to know who their customers are, and what they want and need. Localised merchandising makes sense for a retail store chain, since customers based in different communities can have different interests and different needs.

Many stores will choose to set up product displays that will appeal to their local customer base, instead of using the same displays for each store of the chain throughout the country.

Trend #4: Building relationships with customers

Nowadays, consumers are constantly exposed to ads and information, and many of them tend to simply ignore them. If you want customers to pay attention to your brand, you need to find a way to build a lasting relationship with them.

By following this trend in visual merchandising, your store could become a place where customers can meet local celebrities, follow a class, or attend an event. If they have fun when they visit your store, they will remember you when they need whatever you are selling, even if they choose to shop in your online store.

Trend #5: Informational signage

In-store signage can be used not only to catch the attention of customers, but also to share some useful information with them, and to make them want to interact with different products.

For example, your signage could recommend a product similar to the one customers are currently looking at, or encourage them to try a product or to try on a piece of clothing to see if they like it. The aim of informational signage is to draw attention towards the products on your POP displays.

Trend #6: 3D printed mannequins

The 3D printing technology allows us to easily print out many items that can be used for visual merchandising. More and more retail stores will start using 3D printed mannequins.

The appearance, the colour, and the attitude of store mannequins can influence customers, so customized 3D printed mannequins will help boost sales while contributing to the atmosphere of a store.

Trend #7: Simplicity

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to trends in retail merchandising. Many brands will turn to simplicity when it comes to the way they present their products on their shelves and in their window displays.

Reducing the clutter and simplifying calls to action in order to focus on what really matters can attract customers, and help them decide exactly which product they should buy, and why they should buy it.

Trend #8: Futurism

Futurism, technology, and space missions will influence the look of many window displays, to the delight of everyone who is fascinated by science fiction movies, books, and video games.

Holographic fabrics, iridescent surfaces, and new technologies will make an appearance to present products in eye-catching displays that will either be minimalistic, or complex and intriguing.

Trend #9: A new 20’s look

Now that we are in 2020, the time has come for the iconic fashion of the 20’s to be revived and reinterpreted. This means that different styles, textures and colours from that era will be used by fashion designers, but also by those who create window displays.

Gold, silk, velvet, pearls, and ostrich feathers, as well as art deco furniture and artwork, will make customers feel like history is repeating itself, and in an exciting and elegant way.

Trend #10: The colour of the year

According to Pantone, Classic Blue will be the colour of the year 2020. This timeless colour brings calmness, peace, and stability.

You can expect Classic Blue to be present in fashion design, but it will also be used in stunning visual displays. If you are looking for a colour theme for your next display, look no further than the colour of the year.