10 Popular Candle Scents and Their Features

What you smell can significantly affect your mood and feelings. Scented candles have proven beneficial in calming relaxation, free from stress, and making your house smell nice. Even better, you can get candles suited for nearly all conditions and environments without feeling out of place.

You don’t have to be stressed to use scented candles. You would require some when you just need to feel relaxed for no reason. Either way, popular scented candles are brilliant additions to any room. However, it’s essential to watch out for any allergies or health issues related to using scented candles. Have a safe journey to the world of relaxation!

Below are the ten most popular candle scents and their distinctive features:

Scent #1: Coconut Wax Candles

You’ve probably encountered the glorious taste of coconut meals before; thus, you’re familiar with how heavenly coconut wax candles can be. They are considered one of the healthiest in the history of wax candles, as they generate less soot compared to other wax candles.

Although they don’t necessarily smell like coconuts, coconut candles wax offer the relaxation and stimulation you’d desire at any time. They could be an excellent alternative for paraffin wax candles.

Scent #2: Rose Scented Candles

Roses have been helpful in nearly all conditions, similar to rose-scented candles, from birthday, and Valentine’s Day nights, to that deep bath and just-feel-good moments. Rose-scented candles refresh you and uplift your mood to the best you’ve had in a while.

Another advantage of this scent is that you can get it at a fair price in most stores. It comes with fully packed rose fragrances, so you don’t have to blend with anything else. You should go Rosey with your candles next time!

Scent #3: Lavender Scented Candles

Lavender scented candles have existed for the longest time possible and still hold the same popularity as in the beginning. Maybe it’s one of those nights your sleep is dodging you for one reason or another; the light that lavender candle and watch how peaceful your night will be.

Lavender is also common for releasing tension, relieving the mind, and managing stress, regardless of the situation. Again, you don’t need to combine your lavender candles with any other scent; their fragrance oils are strong enough to deliver what is required.

Scent #4: Chamomile Scented Candles

You can afford to miss chamomile scented candles on your aromatherapy schedule, never! Whether you need to elevate your mood or fight depression, a few hours with this candle is a goodbye to all distress.

Chamomile is also an anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, anti-bacterial, and stress reliever. It’s a heaven-sent-in-one package. For more satisfaction, you can combine chamomile candles with other floral scents, like lavender.

Scent #5: Vanilla Scented Candles

Vanilla has existed since the 15th century, used for flavouring beverages, fragrances in temples, and as a shield against an evil eye. The succeeding generation discovered that vanilla could be used in candles to deliver feelings of relaxation and comfort, not forgetting how your house will smell like pies, cakes, and cookies.

Its sweet and creamy smell makes everything around you feel warm and inviting in nearly all conditions. It’d be illegal to miss vanilla-scented candles during your aromatherapy session.


Scent #6: Apple Scented Candles

Apple-scented candles have everything to do with the fall season. Although it doesn’t taste like apples, it brings the most therapeutic effects you’d desire from your aromatherapy session. Apple candles also help control anxiety bringing calmness to the body and mind.

Doctors have approved that the smell of apple-scented candles enhances memory and receptiveness by making one more alert and keen on new information. Thus, these candles are most suitable if you have an examination, a brainstorming session, or a project presentation ahead of you.

Scent #7: Mint Scented Candles

It could be eucalyptus mint or peppermint- you can never go wrong with either for an impactful aromatherapy session. Mint-scented candles can be a great option if you’re searching for something more cooling and refreshing.

Most probably, you’ve had a long day at work, full of fatigue and targets- it’s time to go minty with these candles and watch how fresh your mind becomes. According to doctors, mint-scented candles benefit those battling chest congestion and breathing issues.

Scent #8: Strawberry Scented Candles

What’s aromatherapy without strawberry-scented candles? The great love for strawberry candies and fruits proves these candles’ effectiveness. Strawberry-scented candles come in essential fragrances that are adequately refreshing and energizing, not forgetting how your surroundings will smell like strawberries. You can combine your strawberry candles with other fruity or food-scented candles of your choice.

Scent #9: Citrus Scented Candles

From lemon to lime- citrus scented candles are majorly known for their re-energizing and uplifting effects, not forgetting how relaxing they are. Imagine those lemons fresh from the garden or a sip of cold lime juice during summer- that’s what citrus candles do to your mind.

They have been proven to carry cleaning effects from their purifying properties; that’s why most detergents are made with lemon scents. You have no reason to miss at least one or two citrus-scented candles on your aromatherapy list.

Scent #10: Woody Scented Candles

Woody scented candles will send you straight to the woods without necessarily bending under the trees or skipping rivers to relieve your mind. They produce a satisfying crackling sound and a fresh, woody smell while burning.

When combined with fruity scents, woody scented candles become the most suitable candles to deliver relaxation after a long day at work or no sleep. The famous woody scented candles include pine, sandalwood, cypress, and white oak.