11 Best Incense for Positive Energy

To receive positive energy, one must be open to receiving the energy as well as be free and purified from negative energy, which can pull you in the opposite direction. Some of the best incense for positive energy purify spaces, protect from negative energy, and attract positivity.

Energy radiates around us all the time. Incense is all about attracting and capturing positive energy, using what we attract in energy to bring all sorts of good things to us. Here is the best incense with power and purpose for positive energy.

1. Cedar Raises Your Energy

Cedar is an incense of Lebanese origin and is believed to raise our energy significantly. It has purifying power to it. Cedar is closely associated with chasing bad dreams and warding off evil spirits. As you burn cedar incense, it will attract positive energy, particularly as it relates to wealth and prosperity.

2. Rosemary Incense Lifts the Spirit

Rosemary incense is very traditional and effective in attracting positive energy. This incense is known to help clear the mind of unproductive thoughts. Rosemary is a stress reliever. It also is believed to replenish the soul with positive energy.

Try to use rosemary when you meditate to direct renewal energy to you. Many wholesale incense suppliers offer this popular scent.

3. Rose Incense

Rose incense opens up one’s heart to more love and harmony. Rose is sometimes used with floral scents like jasmine to calm agitations and attract positive energy. The energy from rose incense relates to romance and love, improving your love life. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, other types of incense for positive energy might work better.

4. White Sage Incense

White sage is used in spiritual cleansing all the time. As an incense, the powerful fragrance of white sage clears out impurities in the air and makes it easier for someone to cultivate positivity in and around them. If you are being held back by negative energy that will not let go, this incense can help elevate you above that.

5. Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood incense is used in ancient and modern non-Western cultures to drive out bad energy, heal emotional trauma, and reduce worry and stress. Sandalwood incense stimulates the mind and body to heal while letting go of the stress that could be weighing a person down. With so many uses, sandalwood is one of our favourite incense for positive energy.

6. Lemon Incense

Lemon incense is a big citrus scent that boosts alertness and increases wakefulness. Like orange, lemon can be a great incense to pull in when feeling down. Citrus-based incenses increase energy and focus and can provide clarity and a sense of calmness. Positive energy is not hard to find when lemon incense is burning nearby.

7. Cinnamon Incense

Cinnamon is a warm, energizing scent with a little bit of spice and wakefulness to it. If you love cinnamon during the holiday season, you will love using it as an incense to attract positive energy. Cinnamon is known to fight fatigue and boost mental and physical alertness.

Fall and winter aren’t the only times you can use them. Try it year-round and bring a little more joy to your daily regimen.

8. Frankincense Incense

Frankincense is very aromatic and has a long history as a sacred incense, used in several spiritual and religious contexts and ceremonies. Frankincense is one of the more popular incense, frequently in perfumes. It is warm, woody, and slightly sweet, known to heal and help induce a meditative state where positive energy can easily flow in.

9. Lavender Incense

Lavender absorbs stress and rejuvenates the spirit. At night is the perfect time to use lavender. Lavender increases the body’s sense of relaxation, allowing you to sink into positive, healthy feelings in a very calm and controlled way. Lavender also promotes a good night’s sleep, contributing to reduced symptoms of depression and discomfort.

10. Peppermint Incense

Peppermint energizes and revitalizes the mind. It can help spark the senses and is invigorating to feel throughout your space. Peppermint incense uplifts most people and can help attract positive energy to you.

This is particularly helpful if you’re at a place in your life where you’re struggling with multiple priorities and unable to see past them. Peppermint is always a relied-upon fragrance that can help with focus and concentration, sometimes very effectively.

11. Palo Santo Incense

Palo Santo incense is made from Palo Santo trees. This type of incense has a distinct woodsy fragrance and is known to clear negative energy from the scene. What’s left behind is a pure, positive space. Palo Santo incense eases the senses, magnifies energy levels, and allows an individual to receive positive energy in the room.