12 Latest Lipstick Trends in 2020

We may be living in uncertain times in the year 2020, but this is not an excuse to not follow the latest fashion and makeup trends if we want to. Making sure you look your best, even if you are staying at home instead of going out with your friends, will instantly lift your mood and put a smile on your face.

Speaking of smiling, is it time to try something new to enhance your pretty lips? Now that you are spending plenty of time at home, this is the perfect opportunity to hone the skills that you learned from a beauty school. You can try out different lipstick trends and see which colours generate the best results.

These latest 2020 lipstick trends will look great with your new wardrobe, and deciding which ones you prefer will keep you busy for a while.

Trend #1: Classic red lipstick

If you don’t feel like updating your whole lipstick collection, be sure you at least own a classic red lipstick, since this is probably the most popular lip colour this year.

Classic red pairs well with leather and black clothes, but you certainly can make this lipstick trend work with any outfit, and any makeup.

Trend #2: Bold pink lipstick

Pink lipstick is very feminine, and looks wonderful on the lips of women of any age.

You probably already have your favourite hue of pink lipstick, but if you want to try something new and trendy this year, go for a shade of bold pink lipstick for a fun and dynamic look.

Trend #3: Brown lipstick

If red and pink lips are not for you, how about trying brown lips? Brown lipstick comes in different gorgeous shades, can look good on anyone, and be perfect for any occasion.

Brown is expected to be a popular and fashionable colour through the year, so wearing brown lipstick makes a lot of sense.

Trend #4: Lipstick in unusual colours

If you want a bold lipstick trend that will surely turn heads, consider wearing some unusual colours on your lips.

Blue lipstick and green lipstick are trending, and if you love these colours, you will be having a lot of fun with your makeup. If you don’t feel confident enough to wear blue or green lips, purple lipstick is also popular this year.

Trend #5: Metallic lipstick

Another way to stand out from the crowd is to wear lipstick with a metallic finish. Metallic lipstick comes in many colours: in fact, any colour of lipstick can probably be found with a metallic finish.

Metallic lipstick is perfect for special and festive occasions, or simply for whenever you want to look and feel glamorous.

Trend #6: Nude lips

If you prefer something more neutral and natural-looking, you can simply opt for nude lips.

Nude lipstick comes in different shades, so depending on which one you choose, your lips might look like you are wearing no lipstick at all, or like you have a very subtle pink or brown tint on them.

Trend #7: Flushed lips

Another option for women who like simplicity is to wear a sheer lipstick that will give them flushed lips.

Flushed lips look like you have just bitten your lips to make them appear a bit more colourful, but of course, you don’t have to bite them. All you have to do is find the right shade of sheer lipstick to compliment your natural lip colour.

Trend #8: Liquid lipstick

Liquid lipstick applied with a brush will make your lips shine like a gloss, but it will also keep them coloured and smooth all day long.

If you want to try something different from your regular lipstick, try some trendy liquid lipstick in the colour of your choice.

Trend #9: Shiny lipstick

If you don’t like lip gloss, and you don’t like the idea of applying lipstick with a brush, try shiny lipstick instead of liquid lipstick.

The formula of shiny lipstick has been created to make lips shine, and of course, you should be able to find it in any colour you want to try, including unusual colours like blue or green.

Trend #10: Satin lipstick

Satin lipstick is another trendy alternative to lip gloss. These lipsticks are usually rich and nourishing, so if you tend to have dry lips, you could use satin lipstick to replace lip balm.

Satin lipstick is sure to give your lips a satin finish, and once again, you should be able to find this fashionable lipstick in the colour of your choice.

Trend #11: Lip gloss

Lip gloss is not as it used to be. Today, lip gloss can make your lips shine without making them sticky, so you can be sure your hair will not stick to your mouth.

Lip gloss can be clear or tinted. If you want to look more glamorous, you can even get glitter lipstick that will make your smile sparkle.

Trend #12: Vinyl lip gloss

Finally, if you would like something a lot more shiny and dramatic than lip gloss, the trend of vinyl lip gloss will make you happy.

Vinyl lip gloss is a highly pigmented lip gloss that will make your lips shiny without becoming sticky.