5 Best Custom Home Interior Design Ideas

Our home is our castle, but sometimes it resembles more of a moat. With so many options for design, it is easier to do nothing and live in a sterile space void of decor.

Are you looking to upgrade your living space with a unique style that stands out? You may not even know what you like, so it’s important to discover what’s possible to transform your space.

Need a little help? Let’s review some custom home interior design ideas you can implement immediately.

Idea #1: Begin with a Plan

You must assemble your creative ideas in one place to create a custom home design. Get a notebook, label it “Design Ideas,” and use this as your idea and reference guide for all things design. This is your decor bible, and you are the only author, so start to compile what you like for every room and include headings for:

  • Wall treatments
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Storage
  • Lighting

By having a book with all your plans inside, you can reference it often and take it with you when you shop. Walk through open houses, flip through magazines and research online for inspiration to jot information down for later use. You can share these plans with the custom home builders and commence the construction process.

Idea #2: Create a Luxurious Bathroom

The bathroom should be more than a space for your morning routine and the occasional chime. The design goal should be turning this room into an oasis that comforts you.

The focal point is the shower or bathtub, so start there. You can upgrade a standard moulded tub to a freestanding or garden tub. This adds a new level of luxury and allows you to include decor elements around it, like plants, a bench and artwork. A new shower set can be as simple as installing different tiles and a rainfall shower head, all the way up to a new glass enclosure and a complete shower system built into the wall.

Idea #3: Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the busiest room in the house and, with the right upgrade, become the hangout spot for family and friends. If you have it in the budget, change your cabinets for a new look, or use paint and dress up the old ones. For a quicker upgrade, change out the doors or DIY your own with a flat panel door that you trim out to create a shaker style.

New backsplash tile dramatically changes a kitchen, and a countertop is important too. Try butcher block counters or concrete if you already have marble but are ready to swap it out. Light fixtures are easy to upgrade, too, and you can use textured wallpaper to liven up the room.

Idea #4: Living Room Ideas

Your living room is where the family hangs out, and it tends to get a lot of abuse. You can make some big changes here to add function and fashion simultaneously.

Change your seating to reflect the people that live there, so if you have a big family, opt for a trendy sectional or a couple of sofas with lots of pillows and a few throw blankets. If you are living with a partner or going solo, you can scale back the big furniture and opt for a stylish loveseat and a few nice chairs.

Work to balance the space with framed mirrors and artwork on opposite sides of the room. Use different sizes from the windows by mounting round mirrors or go with a collection of smaller pieces grouped. Stainless steel or copper frames are trendy.

Idea #5: Bedroom Bliss

A bedroom is a place of wild adventure and restful slumber. Here you can use darker colours to add to the allure of a private space for you and a loved one.

If your bed doesn’t need an upgrade, transform it with nice linen, a plush blanket, a duvet, and new pillows. Then add four more pillows for decoration only. Drape the end corner with a colourful, light blanket, and you are done with the bed.

Pick a wall colour that matches the bedroom’s activity. Use brighter colours or white with a hand-painted mural for a child’s room. The master bedroom can use softer tones that feel soothing and set the mood for relaxation. Add a low-rise chair and new side table lamps with glass and wood. Put up a few floating shelves or install a floor-to-ceiling wall unit for all your decor items and pictures. Finish off with a textured rug at the bedside, and you are ready to go.

Other Design Ideas Around the Home

Regardless of the room you decorate, these are some things to consider:

  • Make it a cozy environment
  • Bring in the outdoors with plants
  • Utilize natural light as well as additional accent and task lighting.
  • Add some art wherever you can, from paintings to sculptures and everything in between.
  • Mix and match old with new.
  • Upgrade the flooring to wood, tile or polished concrete

These are some great ideas to customize your home’s interior design. You are the one living in it, so use these ideas as inspiration to move forward and let your creativity guide you into a beautiful oasis.