5 Moving Supplies to Stock Up On

When you call a moving company to prepare for relocation to another home, they often can provide all the packing supplies you need. However, some people prefer to do at least some of their own packing and even transporting of certain items, especially breakables and those with special meaning. Here are 5 types of packing and moving supplies to get.

1. Boxes

Corrugated boxes or boxes of various sizes come in handy when you are packing clothes, shoes, food, and miscellaneous furnishings. Folding boxes can be purchased from shipping stores or department stores, and some are available at no cost through local stores that receive regular deliveries and then toss out the boxes or send them to recycling. Books, folded clothing, toys, pet supplies, and other items of that size can be safely stowed in boxes for ready transport by movers or owners. You can find more resources available at the Premiere Van Lines Vancouver website.

2. Storage Bins

Large or small plastic bins with fitted lids provide the opportunity to organize and store items to be moved in containers where they can remain even after settling in the new home. The bins can be tucked away in closets, the basement, or the attic, ready for long-term storage, since the organizational work will already be done. This preparation makes it easier to move these things out of the old home and into the new one.

3. Moving Blankets

Many people like to use moving blankets for wrapping valuables or delicate items that can easily be broken or nicked, especially if they do not have their own storage container, like some collectibles. These transport blankets are great for items that require extra protection and padding while being moved in a truck or other vehicle.

4. Tape and String

Although most moving cartons, boxes, crates, and bins come with fitted lids if desired, it does not hurt to have some tape and string on hand for binding similar items together. For example, if you plan to stack several towels in a box or crate without a cover, you may want to tie them together with a string, twine, or cord first in case they should accidentally fall out. Tape can secure boxes holding delicate items or smaller things that might be prone to sliding out if the box top flicks open. Tape can also attach labels to boxes and bins.

5. Labels

To help movers know where each packed item or freestanding furniture goes at the new location, attach labels with easy-to-read directions or room locations. The moving crew can then load the boxes accordingly so they can be placed in the correct new locations without having to wait for your spoken instructions.

Packing supplies like these can facilitate the move. Stock up in advance.