6 Hottest Grill Trends and Innovations

Are you the grill master of your backyard? Everyone loves to eat outside, especially when it’s a summer BBQ. There is nothing so tasty as food, fresh off the grill, that’s for sure.

Are you tired of flipping burgers and making baked potatoes? There is so much more you can do with your gas grills. Every day, people are discovering unique methods and ingredients to make your BBQ a big hit with a modern twist.

You don’t have to grill the same old stuff every weekend. Learn the new gas trends and inject new life into your backyard BBQing. Your family and friends will thank you for it once they finish stuffing their faces!

Let’s check out some of the latest grill trends happening right now.

Trend #1: Plant-gased grills

Close your eye and think of grilling. You probably have meat on the BBQ. While meat as your protein is popular with outdoor cooking, plant-based options are coming on strong.

More and more people are switching to meatless options, at least for a few days a week and the good news is, it tastes amazing on the grill. You can BBQ up portobello mushrooms for amazing burgers and cauliflower steaks with your corn on the cob and potato salad. Fruits and veggies don’t need to be the side dish anymore because they are filling and nutritious and grill up well. I bet your carnivore friends will love some plant-based options when they are grilled to perfection.

Trend #2: Slow-cooking on grills

Unless you are smoking meats, grilling usually is a fairly quick process to get the food cooked and on the plate of hungry friends and family. The latest trend in grilling is a more laid-back approach to cooking where the BBQ event is more relaxed and chill.

Your BBQ can cook at lower and slower temps to enjoy the process and create some amazing flavours. Besides your gas grill, you can use wood-fired grills or charcoal smokers and even a Kamado grill to achieve the slow burn. This casual style is great for various meats like ribs and brisket and lets your rubs and sauces infuse into the meat over time.

Trend #3: International grilling

Grilling isn’t just about western food, amore. You can add an international flair to your BBQ and expand your palate.

Korean BBQ is a huge hit with large cuts of pork, beef, ribs and chicken marinated with Korean spices like garlic, chilli pepper flakes, soy sauce and orange. This goes along with lots of delicious side dishes.

Grilled seafood with Spanish influence served family-style as a huge paella will be a big hit.

You can grill with Mexican, German and Greek flavours to keep the international theme going. Be bold and take on the amazing flavours of other countries as you grill.

Trend #4: Modern BBQs

You don’t have to just use charcoal or gas anymore. There’s nothing wrong with this method, and I think you should keep these grills for a variety in your BBQing, but the latest trend gives you more options.

Modern BBQ brings you the pellet grill, and it is pretty cool. This grill will allow you to smoke, grill, bake and sear. Now you can Bbq some steaks and bake a pie on the same unit! Some models have a digital screen, multi-level cooking areas, and onboard ovens. A pretty state-of-the-art for sure.

Another modern grill is the flat top. Instead of the standard grates, you get a large, flat cooking surface for more area to produce food, and it will keep all those juices in play. This Teppanyaki-style method is catching on quickly.

Trend #5: Charcoal returns

Charcoal is making a comeback, and for a good reason, it is more hands-on and tastes good.

People moved away from charcoal because it takes longer to get the heat ready for cooking and produces some greenhouse gas. Purest will tell you it infuses better flavour, though. The trend is for a better grilling experience with family and friends hanging out all afternoon and into the evening.

This lends well to charcoal because you need to get it burning even, and as the juices drip on the coals, they vaporize and bring that flavour back into the meat. Charcoal also can cook hotter, so it’s perfect for searing and getting that crispy, crusty layer on your food.

Trend #6: Protein grilling options

Thinking outside your grilling box is getting popular these days. Everyone can cook a burger and hot dogs, and you could do them in your sleep. Steaks are great, but how about using more of the cow?

There are inexpensive cuts that you could be using and alternatives like beef tongue. Pork chops do well, too, and black bean burgers are very popular. What else is hot? Swordfish is amazing on the grill, and pheasant can give you a different poultry taste to enjoy. Being brave with your protein choices is what people turn to, and you will discover many more grilling options.