6 Most Popular Types of TV Stands

While many families prefer wall-mounted televisions, just as many people prefer using TV stands instead. If you are amongst those people, there are endless styles of TV stands to choose from that allow easy placement of the television set, as well as added style and ambiance to your room. Check out some of the different styles of stands on the list below to better decide which option you most prefer.

Type #1: Open Shelf

Open shelving is a great option for families that want to save space and add a modern design to the room. Many open shelving sands have several shelves so storing items such as a Blu-Ray player and/or DVDs is simple. Many open shelf TV stand styles are available to accommodate any room and a design in your home.

Type #2: Console

Console style stands usually offer enclosed spaces that allow users to store many items discreetly behind shelving doors. They’re usually rectangular and smaller in size than many other stands.null

Type #3: LED TV Stand

The LED TV stand is another popular choice among homeowners. Consider this stand if you own an LED TV and need extra connections and a style suitable for your set. Many people use the LED TV stand in their home.

Type #4: Hutch

A Hutch is another popular style stand that homeowners enjoy using. It’s larger than most other stands and offers great versatility so it can store multiple items. Hutches add great style to a room and come in assorted styles and colors so it’s easy to decorate any room.

Type #5: Cabinet Style

A cabinet style TV stand can be designed in a console-manner or other shapes. It features an open space for TV placement and an enclosed cabinet. Use the cabinet space for other entertainment needs and accessories.

Type #6: Swivel

The swivel style stand rotates to the right and to the left. This adds better visibility for the entire room. Like the other stand options, swivel models are sold in a plethora of styles and designs suitable for every home and personality.

Each style of stand included on the above list has pros and cons that you should consider before purchase. Although you may not care for one style, you may fall head over heels for another. Any of the TV stands here will perfectly accommodate your television set. It’s up to you to choose the style most accommodating to your style.