6 New Streaming Trends in Social Media

How we receive information has radically changed in just a few short decades. In today’s day and age, there are multiple avenues in which we can engage with service providers. One of those methods has to do with streaming, which in and of itself is constantly evolving as the years go by.

As with social media and other technological advances, streaming has several interesting evolutions. We no longer have to sit with our phones and stream our favourite shows or information platforms. While that may still hold weight, other trends are making their mark too.

Here are six new streaming trends in social media:

1. More Video Streaming

As mentioned, grabbing our phones and watching our go-to shows or news channels is popular. However, we may not know how many of these videos we consume daily. Do not expect that quantity to dwindle at any point in the future. Studies have shown that this consumption may increase substantially.

That is mainly because we seldom have any reason to watch our stuff on traditional devices. TVs, and other similar apparatuses, are still used to view our shows through conventional means. Just be sure to see that behaviour slowly change to make room for video streaming as they begin and end all.

2. Nostalgia

Streaming is a way to watch the stuff we love and hold near and dear in our hearts. The content produced is usually produced to fit a particular demographic. In terms of what sorts of content, you may begin to see some of your favourites from the past. Nostalgia-driven content will soon be a treasure trove of potential earnings for companies.

It does not necessarily have to be those same shows from childhood either. Rather, old franchises may be modified into something new for contemporary audiences. The better the writing and resonance is, the more successful it will be for any streaming platform. You may even find a new love for the shows you didn’t appreciate before!

3. Live Shopping

How we market products or services to audiences has also radically changed. Many social media influencers have used their platforms to connect with followers in a new way. Live shopping is a way to do this, as it allows the influencer to connect organically with audiences.

Essentially, it is a live broadcast of the influencer selling a particular service to anyone interested. Live shopping allows those on the broadcast to chat with the influencer to engage in a cool way. It combines the best of live streaming and dialogue to bring out the best in all participants!

4. New Information

Twitter is one of the go-to choices for those looking to learn new things from different people. Other platforms are abundant here as well, which offer a similar service. Down the line, we will see these platforms evolve to offer streaming options to provide said information.

Discovering the new features of these platforms can truly break new ground for people from all walks of life. Content can be provided to individuals directly from a Livestream or through new features. Twitter Spaces is one feature that focuses on the audio to have folks have their say.

5. Free Alternatives

One of the biggest drawbacks of streaming in this day and age has to do with subscription models. Some streaming options force the user to pay a certain amount each month. Of course, there may not be enough content available to warrant the subscription for the long haul. Free alternatives, on the other hand, are slowly incentivizing users.

These options can deliver what a consumer wants, all for zero price. Free streaming alternatives may come about in different models as well. Sometimes, customers may have to sign up for another service to get their preferred one for free. Or, it may be offered free of charge entirely in some capacity.

6. Shorter Content

The time we use to view content has changed as well. Many consumers prefer shorter bursts of content instead of longer types of entertainment. Take the meteoric rise of the social media app TikTok, where effective posts can be made in under fifteen seconds.

Many streaming companies are aiming to replicate this formula in some way. It is a trend that does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Rather, you may be pleased to find bits of your favourite show spliced into Reels, for instance. Whatever the case is, cool streaming trends are definitely on the way!