6 Space Saving Furniture for Small Apartments

As people move into cities to be closer to work, housing options get smaller. This sentiment is especially true for the limited square footage in small apartments. Despite the tiny space, we all still need to furnish our homes. That means finding options to fit our accommodations.

Having a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t get all the necessary furniture to entertain or hang out in. You just need to be smart about your space-saving ideas in small apartments. That way, you will have everything you need without feeling cluttered.

Are you looking for space-saving furniture to fit your home? Let’s review six space saving furniture for small apartments:

Furniture #1: Tables

Tables are one of the best space saving furniture for small apartments. Everyone needs a place to put things on. This means you need a table to eat at, side tables to hold lamps and a warm cup of tea, and other tables that house TVs, pictures and all your knick-knacks.

The goal of a small apartment is not to clutter up the space, and there are great options with tables. For your dining room, consider a folding or drop-leaf table. This way, you can set it up when it’s time to eat and fold it away for more space after. For your coffee and end tables, choose a nesting design that allows you to fit them into each other. When you need more tabletop space, slide them out and use them around the room. When more floor space is required, just nest them back together.

Pop-up coffee tables are also a great idea because they are multi-purpose. You can use it as a work desk, sitting on the couch as you earn a living from home. In the down position is a regular coffee table; inside, you get extra storage for books, a blanket or whatever else you need to stow away.

Furniture #2: Seating

Although you don’t have a lot of room, you will need some chairs for the dining room. Consider stackable chairs that can be placed against a wall when not in use. They can be used for extra seating in the living room and dining and then stacked back up when not needed.

You can have a small sectional or a cozy love seat for watching TV and relaxing with friends and family. Sectionals can come with storage under the seat, giving you much-needed space.

Instead of the love seat, why not get a chair bed? Chair beds for small spaces are excellent ideas for overnight guests. Plus, they come in many different styles to suit your room. If you have a second bedroom you want to use as a playroom or office, this works perfectly as a couch by day and a comfy bed by night.

Furniture #3: Beds

A sofa bed can also be your sleep space if your apartment is small. It gives you two pieces of furniture in one and saves on the extra expense of buying a bed and couch.

Another option is to have a Murphy bed in the living room. It can be a whole wall unit with shelving and doesn’t stand out.

Furniture #4: Bathroom

A bathroom is a place that never has enough storage, much less in a small apartment. You need to utilize any available space you can. Shelving on the walls is a good start. You can install shelving over the toilet and the mirror above the sink.

Another good option is to utilize the sink area. Some cabinets have shelving options below the sink basin so you can store towels and toilet paper out of sight. A built-in medicine cabinet also provides essential storage for medicine and another toiletry.

Furniture #5: Balcony

Your apartment balcony can help expand your living space if you let it. Consider using it as another room for outdoor dining or evening drinks. You can get a 2-seater love seat that is weather-resistant, so you can spend sunny afternoons reading a book or nighttime star gazing. A folding table and chairs work well out here, too, so you have extra seating when needed. A nice bench will give you more places to sit and double as storage.

Furniture #6: Multi-Functional Furniture

We already talked about the benefit of a sofa bed and pop-up coffee table, but there are several other multi-purpose furniture ideas you can bring in.

  • Under Bed Storage These rolling drawers slide in and out easily and provide ample storage for clothes and linen. You also benefit from it being a bedside table with a half-covered top.
  • Bookcase With Fold-Down Desk A fold-down desk is a great way to have a workspace for your laptop, and it can be put back up into your bookcase unit on the wall.
  • Table-Floor Lamp This is a good idea to incorporate both essentials at the side of your couch. It allows you to have storage, a tabletop and illumination in one footprint.
  • Sleeper Chair Besides having a sofa bed, a sleeper chair gives you the same advantage but for a smaller space.