6 Tips for Designing Product Labels/Stickers

Product labels and stickers have gained popularity in marketing campaigns, and they offer numerous benefits. The latter is made of thick vinyl and is commonly used during promotions and handed out individually. In some cases, they are included in the packaging. On the other hand, the former is made of thinner film and is usually used in packaging.

There are numerous reasons for the popularity of product stickers. With personalized stickers, it will be easier for you to connect with customers. This is because they will make customers resonate with your audience. If someone feels more connected to your brand, they are likely to purchase and give positive reviews on online platforms. If you want to learn more, the The Printing House website has plenty of useful information and resources. The following are some tips for designing perfect product stickers:

1. Focus on Readability

Generally, a product label contains information such as the company logo and the products’ names. It may also include short product descriptions or tag-lines. Detailed information is included on the flip side and may consist of the ingredients and instructions for usage.

The text in a product label should be legible. One way of achieving this is by using an appropriate font size. By doing so, people can see the information from a distance. The font size should be a minimum of six points.

2. Simplicity Wins

Using simple designs and fonts is an effective way of ensuring maximum user experience. Failure to do so means you will be throwing off customers. This is crucial, especially for customers who love going through a product’s nutritional facts. Ensure they can easily see the information on your products.

3. Use the Appropriate Colors

Using the right colours can help to attract the customers’ attention. When it comes to product stickers, avoid the clashing of colours. Instead, go for complementary colours that go together to make the labels stand out. The colours should be consistent. For example, for flavours, only choose colours associated with them.

4. Include Your Contact Information

If a customer is satisfied, they may want to visit your company’s site or request some feedback. By doing so, you will increase traffic to your website or let customers express their satisfaction levels. Even if the feedback is negative, it may help to know where you need to make changes. Without a sticker, customers may not have a way of getting in touch.

5. Illustrate Whenever Necessary

In some cases, illustrations and graphic design elements may be necessary for a product label. One of the situations you should consider this is when you need to speak about a product more visually. For example, for fruit juices, there may be multiple colours and illustrations of the flavours.

6. The Print Quality Matters

Ensure you use quality materials to print your product labels. By doing so, you will get maximum visual presence. Go for something unique to improve the look of your products. Customers are likely to notice unique items.