6 Trendy Office Supplies for Practical Work Spaces

The office is the prototypical space where all work gets done. As soon as you enter, you gather your supplies and wits, and mentally prepare yourself for the day’s schedule. Sometimes, however, you will face an inevitable dullness that stems from seeing the same boring space time and time again.

This shouldn’t be the case. Not only does a bleak office look aesthetically displeasing, but it can also affect your productivity as well. In order to rectify this, take a look at the basics and see if you can replace them with trendy office supplies instead.

Whether you are looking to improve your workplace’s appearance, or simply just want to put your inner creative to work, trendy office supplies are a great starting point. From colors to design, there are a myriad of office supplies on the market that will help emphasize a fashionable workplace. Discover the trendy office supplies akin to your personality, and let your space flourish.

In order to spring some new life into your workspace, you may be interested in these six trendy office supplies:

1. Minimalist Card Holder

Instead of just relegating your business cards to your drawer, why not have them presented on your desk in a chic way? There are many accessories on the market that not only hold your cards, but are built in an aesthetically-pleasing manner. Take, for instance, a minimalist card holder.

These trendy office supplies are designed in a way to accentuate an office’s minimalist layout. Having just the right amount of things in an office can make it appear to be elegant without much effort. Less can be more, and it all starts with the right, personalized desktop accessories for holding your business cards.

2. Wall Clock

It might not be what is expected in terms of trendy, but having the right wall clock can be more than just a necessary eyesore. In keeping in line with a minimalist office layout, consider purchasing a clock that has as few numbers on it as possible. For example, vogue wall clocks often only have the two arms on it, to make it look as minimalist as possible.

If that layout is what is being aimed for, then having the right color will complement the overall space. Matte black, for example, is a popular choice for virtually all trendy and contemporary spaces. Choosing this shade for your wall clock can be transformative, and will certainly make this office supply standout!

3. Silver Touch Pad

No modernized office space is complete without a computer of some variation. Whether you use a desktop, tablet, or laptop, it is essential for your day-to-day itinerary. Having said that, you’ll want a mousepad or touchpad that highlights the trendiness of your office arrangement.

As opposed to placing your mouse on a wooden or rubbery surface, a silver touchpad is a trendy office supply that allows for a generally smooth experience. In addition, the lustre that the silver provides is a nice, elegant touch. Just because you have a simplified computer arrangement, doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

4. Bookends

Nothing spells trendy more than having office supplies that emphasize aesthetics. Although bookends are designed to simply hold things in place, they don’t have to appear dull. There are various bookends on the market that are designed with style in mind, in order to highlight the overall nature of your unique space.

For example, some bookends are made out of marble that you would find on a countertop in a modern kitchen. Or, some are made out of bronze and have unique animal designs on them as well. These office supplies radiate a certain luxuriousness, and will ensure that your office can be as trendy as it can be compact.

5. Desk Hooks

Coat racks can, more or less, be an eyesore. Whether if they are just empty, or if they are overflowing with multiple coats and scarves, there should be a better way to hold your articles of clothing. Enter the desk hook.

These handy, little hooks can be attached right under your desk, in order to hang things up. Not only can these trendy office supplies be used to hang up a coat or a shirt, they are designed to also keep your cables or headphones in one, neat place. The more tidy your office looks, the more trendier it inevitably appears.

6. Smart Speakers

The more we advance as a society, the more technology becomes intertwined with our lives. We only have to look to the rise of home automation products which have granted our households or offices with convenience or security. Having one of these supplies in your office can significantly improve productivity in your work schedule.

A Google Home Wi-Fi System, for example, can provide multiple, strong hotspots throughout your workplace. The last thing you probably need on a busy day is a terrible Wi-Fi connection, especially if you’re in an office where you work remotely. Plus, they are trendy in design, which only adds to a cool office space overall!