7 Best Gun Control Measures That Work

Weaponry has always been with us, whether we are hunting, defending ourselves or using them for sport. Among the most popular weapons are guns because they are fast and effective for their intended use; killing.

While there are many responsible gun owners, too many guns get into the hands of violent people, which can be deadly. It is a very polarized debate between the right to own guns and the need to regulate them, but we should all agree that there must be safeguards in place to protect innocent people from others who wish to harm using firearms.

While some initiatives to make our society safer are ineffective, there are gun control measures that work.

1. Universal Background Checks

In the wild west, anyone could buy a firearm and carry it for protection. Still, to have a safer society, there should be rigorous background checks to ensure guns are sold to people with no criminal or violent history.

This keeps guns out of the hands of those who could use them for harm. Anyone convicted of a violent crime should be prohibited from owning a firearm, and with universal background checks, licensed gun dealers won’t sell them to these individuals.

2. AI Gun Detection Technology

Gun detection technology exists to protect people at public events and detect guns before they are brought into a venue where mass casualties could result from a shooter.

Frictionless security solutions like gateway patron screening, video recognition and real-time analytics can provide instant protection that gives peace of mind and quickly responds to imminent threats from gun violence. With the ability to react to potential threats, security personnel can be alerted and respond fast, allowing for proactive public safety decisions.

3. Fire Arms Possession Ban

This is a ban from the courts for gun possession where anyone who has been convicted of a violent crime, and had a prison term of 10 or more years, is banned from the ability to own a firearm.

Suppose they are found with a gun that carries a 10-year ban for a first offence, with a second offence being a permanent ban. There is also potential prohibition for those without a criminal record if the courts, a peace officer or a provincial attorney general, at their discretion, deem it necessary for the public’s safety.

4. Ban on Hands Guns and Military Style Firearms

Depending on the country you are in, you can buy and carry handguns or be restricted from them all except for hunting rifles.

Banning the sale of guns will limit the amount of these lethal weapons in the public, but it can’t stop the underground market. Ultimately, it does stop the number of violent crimes involving guns when there is a ban on their import and sale into a country. While the US has a right to bear arms, that law does not exist in Canada.

5. Licensing and Permitting

As a way to track ownership, there is a licensing requirement to own a firearm in Canada. This Possession and Acquisition licence (PAL) will indicate the type of firearm and ammunition a person can own and transport, with a renewal every five years.

If you want to own a restricted firearm, you must also take a Canadian Restricted Fire Arms Safety Course. The permitted purposes for entitlement to acquire and possess a restricted weapon are:

  • Collectors
  • Competitive shooters
  • Connection with a lawful occupation or profession

6. Red Flag Laws

A red flag law allows anyone to make an application to the court to have an emergency weapons ban on someone who is:

  • Believed to pose a danger to themselves or others.
  • At the risk of providing a gun to someone with a weapon prohibition order.

These laws make it mandatory for the person to surrender their firearms or have them removed by a court-ordered seizure. Yellow flag laws also include restrictions and temporary suspensions for firearms by a chief firearms officer of up to 30 days.

7. Crime Control

One of the best solutions for controlling guns is to enforce the existing laws aimed directly at criminals who carry firearms. Most legal gun owners use them responsibly, so criminals and violent offenders are the real problems. By enforcing the law to its fullest and imposing full-length sentences for those who commit crimes with illegal firearms, you get those illegal guns off the street and set a precedent that gun violence will not be tolerated.

We need gun control measures to keep people safe and protected at the same time. These are among the measures that work and must be implemented nationwide.