7 Emerging Trends in the Food Packaging Industry

13 Feb

7 Emerging Trends in the Food Packaging Industry

Most people think about the emerging food trends for a new year, but as the owner of a food related business, you’re thinking more about the emerging trends in food packaging.

The food packaging industry is always vibrant and proves to be highly competitive each and every year. Even if you aren’t a business owner, you could be interested in the trends in packaging you should be looking out for.

Since the food packaging industry is huge and diverse, you can always look forward to refreshing new packaging solutions to hit the shelves every new year. The industry knows that consumers are always looking for the newest trend, the newest food, and what attracts them the most is the shiny new packaging that not only offers convenience and a longer shelf life, but a shiny new wrapper as well.

We will go into the emerging trends in the food packaging industry and analyze what we can expect next.

Trend #1: Make old food packaging look new again.

The retro style is one of the emerging trends in food packaging, and it’s back in a big way. There is just something about a nostalgic look that has consumers longing for a simpler time, which means they will buy that product for the memories it invokes.

Whether it’s a Coke bottle that is straight out of the sixties or a block of cheese that screams old-fashioned values, more and more new and big brands are going down the road to the past with their packaging. Are you?

Trend #2: Art is an emerging trend in food packaging.

Another emerging trend in the design of food packaging is the packaging being seen as a canvas, instead of just a box. Keeping this in mind, you could start seeing artwork on the shelves, as companies feature artist’s work on their products. Types and logos will be pushed to the background, and instead the packaging consumers see will be works of art.

Trend #3: Palettes of pastels are common in food packaging

An emerging trend in the food packaging is that pale colors will make the sale when it comes to highlighting products. A trend that is softer and doesn’t scream at the consumer is on the move, meaning that consumers will be prompted in a gentler way to purchase, than the popping colors and fonts of the past.

A comforting, pale color makes consumers want to relax and chill. No longer will packaging be hard on the eyes, but soothing and easy to look at. Will it sell more products? We shall see!

Trend #4: No more dedicated brand colors in food packaging

The biggest food packaging trend in the past was to own your brand color. For example, it’s much easier for a customer to find your brand if they associate it with a certain color, such as the red can for Campbells soup.

Now, instead of brand colors, your products might be more about the color of the flavors within. For example, now your favorite ice cream brand may have brown for chocolate, white for vanilla, and green for mint chocolate chip, instead of one solid color to represent the entire brand. How’s that for changing it up some?

Trend #5: Less is more with food packaging

While this isn’t exactly a new emerging trend in food packaging, it may really come to the forefront in the year ahead. Consumers are screaming for less ingredients and chemicals in their foods, so many companies are complying.

The ingredients and chemicals will be fewer and will be listed on the principal display panel of the product package for all the world to see.

Trend #6: Food packaging is becoming more green and sustainable

Everyone knows that we need to be doing everything we can to go green and save the planet for the children. Major brands and new brands alike are getting onboard by making their packaging green and sustainable.

The days of packaging air or long gone, packaging will be tighter, smaller, and innovative green packaging is key. Also, plastic is out the door, as bamboo takes its place.

Trend #7: Labels are more important in food packaging

People are busier and honestly don’t have time to be chasing down whether the ingredients in their favorite foods are good for them or not. They also don’t want to have to read though a ton of stuff to find their product. They want to walk in, find their product at a glance, and head on out the door. That’s why the no-nonsense labeling will be an emerging trend in food packaging.

With large fonts, limited graphics to distract the eye, and simpler names, this is one trend that will make the grade with consumers for sure. These are just a few of the top emerging trends in food packaging you will want to know about as a business owner. If you’re not a business owner and just an average consumer, then this list will help keep you in the know about what is coming in the future from your favorite brands and foods.


Alice is the original founder of We Are The In Crowd. Her qualifications include a university degree in psychology and a second degree in marketing. She is currently employed as a Marketing Specialist, which means she gets to analyze trends all day for a living!