7 Fun Wine Night Ideas for the Best Party Ever

Throwing a wine-themed party can be a lot of fun and also a great learning experience for you and everyone. If you are the sort that loves planning, a wine night will be just the thing for you. There is indeed a lot of planning involved. You can be serious (and still have a great time), but you can also just enjoy the whole night without getting into too many details. You need to get certain supplies and lay a nice table and invite people that you know who love wine.

Let’s take a look at seven of the best wine night ideas:

1. Wine Stations

You can have several drink stations especially if it is going to be a rather large gathering. This does involve more work, however, it does help to keep you free in order to mingle and socialize with all of your guests. Make sure that you have enough wine. You don’t want to run out! Half a bottle per person is a good rule of thumb.

Make sure to buy different wines for each of the drink stations. Have cocktail napkins handy, a small appetizer, one that will go well with the wine, perhaps a card with some info on the wine and also a garbage receptacle.

2. Music

How about playing some music that is wine-related? If someone is clever enough to spot it, they may come over to pay you a compliment! Some songs to consider are “Red Red Wine”, “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”, “Peel Me A Grape”, “Strawberry Wine” and many more.

It could even have lyrics in it, which adds a little more subtlety. For example, “Hotel California” by The Eagles has a line that goes, “Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice…” “Red Red Wine” may not be too subtle, but it’s bound to bring on a few cheers!

3. Wine-Themed Movie

Another wine night idea that is similar to the music idea is to play a wine-themed movie. It can just go on quietly in the background. Some to consider are “Sideways”, “Corked”, “Red Obsession” and “A Walk In The Clouds”.

4. Champagne

Don’t overlook champagne. In fact, you could even consider kicking off the night with champagne. Until you open it, keep it on ice. Make a toast. Get your guests mingling, especially if everyone doesn’t know each other.

5. Appetizer Platter

Make a nice little appetizer platter and if you have more than one drink station, then place these at every one. You can get creative. You can make small blocks of cheese in the shape of a wine glass or even a wine bottle. You can create a border by using grape tomatoes.

Consider placing grapes or olives, if you wish. Have a shot glass filled with coloured toothpicks. Not only will it look attractive, your guests will be really impressed. If they are not, well, kick them out! But seriously, they will see how much trouble you took, so expect some compliments!

6. Water Station

Don’t forget to offer your guests a place to cleanse their palettes. Have a water station of nice, cold water. This can also help them slow down and not end up with a hangover. Have a few pitchers and several water glasses. There may be guests who may want to switch to water after a while.

7. Wine-tasting Notebooks

You can offer your guests little notebooks so that they can write down some of the names of the wine you served at your party. During the course of the evening, they may not remember much! Offer a small pen. Place these at the same table where the glasses are. This makes it easier for your guests.

There are even more wine night ideas you can come up with, but these should be a great start to turn your night into a success.