8 Current Marketing Trends That Are Popular

Any business that wants to stay relevant has to at least try to keep up with the latest trends. And if you want to keep making sales and to keep catching the eyes of new customers, you have to learn about current marketing trends.

Nowadays, thanks to social medias, Artificial Intelligence, and the evolution of different technologies, marketing operations are mostly digital. This makes it easy to reach many people with each of your marketing campaigns, as long as you know what you are doing.

Here are eight current marketing trends growing in popularity:

Trend #1: Content marketing

Most people don’t like when a company is constantly trying to sell them something. This is why content marketing is a trend that is there to stay.

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing content that is relevant and valuable. When you can create content that will have value for your target audience, you will increase their loyalty, their engagement, and, of course, your sales.

If you are already creating content, whether it’s blog posts or a series of educational videos, ask yourself how you could make them even more relevant and consistent.

Trend #2: Live video streaming

Live video steaming is a current marketing trend gaining popularity. Many people prefer watching a video to reading a blog post, and live video streaming is particularly popular at the moment.

Live video is a powerful marketing tool because it allows you to talk about your product or service, and to show potential customers how they can benefit from it.

While you are streaming your live video, you are also able to interact with the people who are watching it, to answer their questions, and to provide them with the information they are really interested about.

Trend #3: Interactive content

Interactive content is engaging, and will help spread awareness about your brand if your customers like your content so much that they decide to share it.

Live videos are a good example, but there are many types of interactive content you can create, including surveys, quizzes, tests, contests, and interactive emails.

The purpose of this type of content is to engage users, to keep them on your webpage a little longer, and to provide them with a unique experience that will make them want to keep interacting with your brand.

Trend #4: Augmented reality

Augmented reality is another marketing trend that can quickly engage customers, and assist them with a purchase they want to make. It uses 3D technology to show us different images and concepts through a computer or mobile device screen.

Augmented reality makes it possible for people to interact with a product before they decide to buy it, and even to see what an item or a piece of furniture would look like in their home. This is another strategy that can be used to provide a unique experience to your customers.

Trend #5: Personalized marketing

Many consumers prefer personalized ads to generic ads. With personalized marketing strategies, you can improve the shopping experience of your customers by showing them ads that are relevant, and really answer their needs.

Sending personalized email campaigns is another way to connect with your audience and to show them you care about them, and you want to help them find the right product or service for their situation.

Something as simple as personalizing the subject line of an email can make a difference by enticing your customers to click on it.

Trend #6: Shoppable social media posts

Most people are on social media, so any marketing strategy linked to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other platforms are sure to reach many potential customers.

Shoppable media posts are publications that make it easy for users to learn more about a product, and to purchase it without even having to leave their favorite social media platform. You can easily see how this can help boost sales as well as customer engagement.

Trend #7: Distributed marketing platforms

Distributed marketing is a strategy that allows store chains, restaurants, and many more businesses to customize their marketing campaigns on a local level.

A distributed marketing platform allows the marketers of a restaurant chain, for example, to create different marketing supports such as flyers, emails, and ads, and to distribute them to their franchisees, who can then customize them with relevant information for each city or region.

This is the best way to ensure the marketing content created by a brand will stay consistent and relevant.

Trend #8: Chatbots

Finally, as chatbots are able to answer questions and provide informations to users, they can also be an effective marketing tool.

When customers interact with a chatbot, the chatbot will be able to learn about their needs and to make personalized recommendations to them, or even to help them book a service appointment.

Plus, if a chatbot is well designed, it can help grow brand awareness as customers will want to interact with it more often.