8 Food Packaging Industry Trends for the Future

Trends shape, as well as reflect the preoccupations and the priorities of many industries, including the food packaging industry. Any company that wants to stay relevant and competitive needs to be aware of those trends, and to follow at least a few of them when designing their food packaging.

Keep in mind that the right packaging has to protect your product, to differentiate it from the competition, and to make a statement about your brand and your values.

Are you ready to design or to upgrade your food packaging? Get some inspiration from these 8 food packaging industry trends:

1. Packaging has to keep food safe now more than ever

Covid-19 has affected lots of business, so safety is one of the food packaging industry trends that going to be important this year. Keeping food safe and hygienic has always been one of the main purposes of food packaging. However, in a world that has been transformed in many ways by the coronavirus pandemic, this is more important than it has ever been.

Whether they order a meal from a restaurant or buy a product from the grocery store, customers want to be sure their food has not been contaminated. Airtight lids, tamperproof seals, and other hygiene measures will be appreciated.

2. Clear fonts and labels on packaging make it easier for customers to choose

Customers now have many reasons for wanting to get out of a store or cafe as quickly as possible. Food packaging that features fonts that are easy to read and clear information will help customers find what they are looking for much faster.

Simple, harmonious designs and clear fonts will be featured on many food packaging. Customers will be more likely to purchase a product if they understand exactly what is inside the packaging.

3. Transparent packaging makes products more appetizing

Instead of adding a photo of your product on its packaging, why not let customers see what the product really looks like? Customers value transparency, and for many of them, simply knowing the ingredients of a product might not be enough. They want to see the product as well.

For this reason, transparent packaging is expected to gain in popularity. Whether the packaging is fully transparent, or features a small window that allows us to take a look at the product, customers are sure to notice and to be attracted.

4. Packaging can be improved to decrease shelf space

Many customers have developed the habit of stocking their food pantry with many essentials. To allow them to stock more of your product, you could work on developing a packaging that takes less shelf space, and is easy to stack.

Just a few design changes could turn your product into something customers will want to buy more of.

Plus, smaller and more efficient packaging could cost less money to produce and to transport, which is another interesting benefit.

5. Sustainable food packaging is always appreciated by customers

Sustainable packaging is a trend that is definitely here to stay, which is great news for our beautiful planet. Customers are always happy to support a company that shows its commitment to eco-friendly practices.

There are different things you can do to go green with your food packaging. You can source sustainable materials, or make sure your packaging will be fully recyclable or compostable.

Of course, it’s even better if you write about your commitment to sustainability directly on your packaging.

6. Earth tones and neutral colours will appear on many packaging

Many food packaging designs use earth tones and neutral colours instead of bold, vibrant ones that offer sharp contrasts.

Of course, the colours you choose for your packaging should be influenced by the type of product you are selling. But if your packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly, featuring earth tones and soft neutral colours on it can be a quick way to communicate the green values of your brand.

7. Packaging can be used to convey a sense of luxury

Another interesting trend is to package products in a way that conveys a sense of luxury. Due to the stress and the economic issues brought by the pandemic, many customers are desperately looking to pamper themselves.

Packaging that shows ornate, elegant designs and a touch of silver or gold foil can bring some comfort to customers who are in need of it.

8. Packaging can engage customers by telling a story

The last trend on this list is all about storytelling. Everyone enjoys stories, and more and more companies are now using their food packaging to communicate their brand story to their customers.

Your packaging should clearly show what your product is, but it can also communicate the values and the goals of your brand, and explain why you are offering this particular product to the world.

Many people will feel more engaged if they can learn about your company and its different products, and if they relate to your values, they will no doubt become loyal customers.