9 Best Corporations to Work For with Good Benefits

Working for a corporation can be a mixed bag. If you are working for a good corporation with continuously improving business processes, you can enjoy the best experiences in your career. If you are working for a bad corporation, you are going to find the job position much less rewarding. As such, it is so important to find the best corporations to work for so that your career doesn’t flounder.

Anytime a film wants to portray a character suffering through a midlife crisis, they focus on their anonymous, dull office job. The most extreme example of this is Mike Judge’s cult classic Office Space. In the film, Ron Livingston’s cubicle-bound office drone suffers such indignities as being scolded by three different bosses for misfiling paperwork, being forced to work weekends by an insincere boss and having to contend with the dreaded printer – forever stuck on “paper jam”. So sick of his nondescript existence that he takes action, coming and going from the office as he pleases, gutting a fish on his desk and ceremonially smashing the printer.

It’s easy to identify with that sense of anonymity in office environs. Too easily, one feels like no matter how much or how well they do their job, they’ll never rise above their position, sinking behind their cubicle never to be seen or heard. But for every Office Space, there’s a company that values it’s employees.

Here are nine of the best corporations to work for with good benefits:

1. Google

For some time, working at Google has been considered one of the best corporations to work for in the tech industry. On Glassdoor’s “Top 100 Companies to Work For” list, it’s one of only three companies to appear on the make an annual appearance for ten years. Apart from being one of the highest paying jobs in America, Google’s employment package has been all-around perfect – including such benefits as massages, great parental leave and numerous other benefits.

2. HubSpot

Over the years, HubSpot has established itself as one of the best corporations to work for. Working in a position for which you’re suited may be ideal, but even more appealing is the ability to advance within the company. HubSpot, a Boston-based software company, affords every employee the opportunity to learn and attempt new skills while moving upwards. Such additional training can create an imbalance in an employee’s work/life existence, but 50 percent of HubSpot workers have said they haven’t found it to be an issue.

It’s a “cool” software company – the kind that offers unlimited vacation days, pets in the office and even offering free beer.

3. Lululemon

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of working for this clothing corporation. It’s not easy to make clothing retail sound appealing, but the communal nature of Lululemon is universally appreciated by employees, including the free Yoga classes which help relieve any work-related stress. Better still, the company is planning to expand, leaving plenty of positions open for those who wish to apply.

4. St. Jude Children’s Research Centre

Sometimes, the nature of the job itself is enough to entice and encourage employees while also providing a feeling of accomplishment. St. Jude is a pediatric research centre where sick children are treated at no cost. Naturally, this nonprofit offers employees the opportunity to make a difference in a family’s life, which breeds a real sense of community amonst workers. But such work can also be taxing, so St. Jude also promotes flexible schedules to allow employees to find a balance between work and life as well as an on-site gym.

5. World Wide Technology

When one thinks about a company they want to work for, certain buzzwords come up – values like honesty, integrity, along with a good attitude and work ethic. World Wide Technology engenders such words, while also offering its employees tangible benefits. Employees will find comfort working in their state-of-the-art headquarters and enjoy profit-sharing options. The company also includes an extensive training program, so no worker will ever feel unprepared or unskilled for their daily tasks.

6. Ultimate Software

Truly a company that values its employees and wants them to know it. This Miami-based company specializes in human resources and software solutions, and it checks all the boxes that ensure a happy, productive worker. They cover 100 per cent of their employee’s healthcare premiums – including standard care and dental, vision, mental health and prescription drug, however they go the extra mile by including alternative treatments such as acupuncture.

In addition, Ultimate Software include 40 per cent of its employee’s 401(k) and even free lunch on Mondays.

7. E & J Gallo Winery

Apart from the novelty of working at a winery, this family-owned business, headquartered in Modesto, California, has been said to be appreciative of individual employees. Highlights include a high value on treating everyone with respect and offering employee discounts.

8. Trader Joe’s

Working at the forefront of health food has its own ethical benefits, but it’s rare to find a food corporation that cares for its employees. Workers are usually only part-time, offering an incredibly flexible schedule. Within that schedule, however, the company includes employee discounts, a notably friendly staff of co-workers and free food tastings.

9. Bain and Company

This global management consulting firm is notable for the care and attention its managers offer their underlings, including casual mentor-mentee relationships. It’s also perfect for those who don’t want to stay tied down in one location, offering opportunities to work across the globe.