9 of the Best Flowers for Bouquets

Are you wondering what some of the best flowers for bouquets are? Whether you want to grow them in your garden next summer or simply want to know more about some of the beautiful flowers florists love to work with, this list is for you.

Flower #1: Roses

Roses are obviously among the best flowers for bouquets, especially those that have long stems. A bouquet of red roses evokes romance and passion, but these gorgeous flowers are often a part of complex floral arrangements.

Roses can be red, pink, purple, yellow, or white; some can even show more than one colour. Depending on their variety, they could stay beautiful and fragrant for up to 12 days when kept in a vase of water. Roses make excellent presents for a flower delivery.

Flower #2: Tulips

Tulips are also frequently used to create pretty bouquets. Even though they are being
cultivated all year long, these flowers are often associated with Spring and the renewal of nature.

Tulips can be white, yellow, pink, red, orange, or purple and can even feature more than one colour.

One interesting thing about tulips is that they will keep growing in their vase if they are well cared for and receive enough water. They will also move so they can follow the light. They should last between 5 and 10 days.

Flower #3: Carnations

Carnations, with their unusual ruffled petals, are definitely among the best flowers for bouquets. They could last for more than two weeks in a vase, which means their beauty can be enjoyed for a long time.

Carnations can be white, yellow, pink, magenta, red, or purple. They look great on their own in a vase or floral arrangement. They are also frequently used to make flower garlands, crowns, corsages, and boutonnieres worn on special occasions.

Flower #4: Lilies

Did you know there were more than 90 species of lilies out there? Asiatic lilies are among the most popular ones for bouquets.

These elegant and fragrant flowers can be white, pink, red, orange, yellow, or purple. Some of them can show more than one colour.

Lilies can last between one and two weeks in a vase. Since their stamens will drop some yellow pollen that can stain some surfaces, cutting them before displaying a bouquet of lilies might be a good idea.

Flower #5: Daffodils

Daffodils, just like tulips, are often associated with the freshness of Spring. These cheerful, trumpet-shaped flowers come in shades of white, cream, yellow, gold, orange, and pink.

When a bouquet of daffodils is placed in a vase, the flowers can last up to two weeks. However, changing the water often is important, as the toxic mucilage released by daffodil stems will make it murky.

Unfortunately, this mucilage can make other flowers, such as roses and tulips, wilt more quickly. It’s best to keep daffodils on their own if you want a bouquet to last.

Flower #6: Rudbeckias

Rudbeckias are also called Black-eyed Susans, and they are perfect for bouquets. They can be yellow, gold, bronze, or orange, with a dark brown center.

Rudbeckias can keep their beauty in a vase for over two weeks, and some varieties could last up to a full month. They will certainly be the last to wilt if they are in a bouquet with other flowers.

Rudbeckias look like echinacea flowers, although those tend to be white, pink, purple, or green.

Flower #7: English lavender

English lavender is stunning and fragrant. Although this flower is often dried, it looks great when fresh and added to a bouquet. Lavender comes in different shades of blue and purple.

It should last up to 10 days in a vase. Instead of letting English lavender wilt in the vase, remove it from the water and let it dry. It will then become even more fragrant!

Flower #8: Sunflowers

Cheerful sunflowers can grow pretty huge, but it’s also possible to cultivate smaller ones that look great in a bouquet. They usually have golden-yellow petals, but different varieties now come in orange, red, bronze, or even creamy white.

Sunflowers can be kept in a vase for up to 12 days. It’s important to keep them hydrated, or else they might droop.

Flower #9: Daisies

Let’s finish this list with daisies. These flowers are simple, with white petals and a yellow center, but they are always gorgeous.

There are many species of daisies, and some of them can have pink, orange, yellow, purple, or even sky-blue petals. They are a great way to add a splash of colour to any floral arrangement.

Daisies should be able to last up to two weeks in a vase if you take good care of them.