9 Popular Gift Basket Ideas for Neighbours

Neighbours can make or break a neighbourhood. Hopefully, you’ve got some good ones! Neighbours can become lifelong friends once you introduce yourself. They can make your house feel like home.

Sometimes, you’re looking to celebrate a birthday with your neighours. Or, perhaps you want to welcome a newcomer to town. Either way, gift baskets Toronto are a great way to make your neighbour feel appreciated! Check out these nine great gift basket ideas for your neighbour.

Idea #1: Barbecue Gift Basket for Neighbours

Is your neighbour always grilling and hosting barbecues for friends? A barbecue-themed gift basket is a great choice! Grab some barbecue tools like grill forks, tongs, a basting brush and skewers.

Include your favourite barbecue sauce for them to try. Alternatively, you can give them a barbecue rub-tasting set so they can discover their new favourite flavours. Finally, gift them a fun barbecue-themed apron they can wear next time they fire up the grill!

Idea #2: Welcome Gift Basket for Neighbours

Has someone new moved in next to you? Welcome them to your neighbourhood and city with a welcome gift basket! Include a guidebook for your city or area to get them out and explore their new surroundings. You can include a gift certificate for your favourite local restaurant so they can experience some local cuisine while supporting a small business.

You could also include your contact information so they can call you if they need help with anything. Of course, your new neighbours would surely appreciate some home essentials. Some hand soap, a welcome mat, and tools like a screwdriver set and hammer will help them feel more at home as they get settled.

Idea #3: Garden Gift Basket for Neighbours

Maybe your neighbour has a green thumb and has the best garden in the neighbourhood. Treat them to a gift basket full of gardening goodies! Gift them a foam pad so their knees don’t get sore when bent over in their garden. Include a stylish set of gardening tools like a trowel, hand rake, and pruner. Don’t forget some matching garden gloves! Finally, include seeds for some different plants.

Idea #4: Baked Goods Gift Basket for Neighbours

Everyone loves fresh, homemade goodies, and there’s nothing as nice as your neighbour bringing over some delicious treats. Some safe options are cookies, brownies, muffins or cinnamon buns.

Just make sure you know if your neighbours have any food allergies first! If you’re unsure of allergies, you could give them some nice, printed recipes and baking tools like baking trays and cookie cutters.

Idea #5: Movie Gift Basket for Neighbours

A movie night is a gift anyone will love! You can tailor this gift basket to a couple or an entire family. Include a voucher for a movie rental at home. Throw in some popcorn bags and some popcorn seasoning like truffle salt, cinnamon sugar or ranch.

Add some movie candy like Skittles, Swedish Berries or Reese’s Pieces (just make sure they’re not allergic to peanuts first!) Finally, add some pop cans so they have something to sip on while watching their movie.

Idea #6: Snack Gift Basket for Neighbours

If you aren’t sure about your neighbour’s interests or tastes, you can never go wrong with gifting them some snacks. Include universal favourites like Pringles, pretzels, chocolate, popcorn, and trail mix.

Idea #7: Wine Gift Basket for Neighbours

You can never go wrong with gifting someone a nice bottle of wine. If you know their favourite wine, include a bottle or two in the basket. Add some stemless plastic wine glasses.

These types of glasses are durable and perfect to use both indoors and outdoors, so they’re sure to be put to good use. Throw in snacks that pair well with wine, like cheese and crackers. Finally, add a fun wine stopper to tie everything together.

Idea #8: Cooking Gift Basket for Neighbours

If your neighbours love to cook, gift them some kitchen gadgets and knickknacks. Include a cookbook that they can both display on their counter and use to make some new recipes. A wooden cutting board is always a safe bet or a set of cutting boards of different sizes.

Grab some nesting mixing bowls and a wooden spoon, and this gift basket is set to go! This basket will be a hit since it’s aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Idea #9: Coffee Gift Basket for Neighbours

Do your neighbours love coffee? Do they have several screaming kids running around their house? Chances are they’d love this caffeinated basket! Fill this basket with Keurig coffee pods of different flavours or some coffee grounds if they prefer to brew themselves.

Include some syrups like vanilla and caramel so they can recreate their favourite Starbucks drink at home at a fraction of the cost. You could also gift them a travel mug or two, so they can bring their drink on the go. Don’t forget the snacks in the best gift baskets Canada! Include some scones, cookies, or other coffee shop treats.