Five Essential Employment Law Services

Few areas of law are more important than those concerning worker rights. They are the foundation of any productive and ethical economy. Unfortunately, not every boss or coworker always acts in good faith. When your workplace rights are violated, you can feel as though your personal and professional lives are colliding and exploding before your very eyes. That’s what makes it so important to know and fight for your rights – and a quality employment lawyer in Canada can help you do just that in the following types of suits.

1. Wrongful Termination

Bosses can’t hire and fire you for just any reason. For example, you cannot be legally fired for refusing to perform illegal actions on behalf of your boss. If you find yourself fired for reasons that are protected by law, you may be entitled to press a wrongful termination suit. An employment lawyer can help determine if you qualify and, if so, assist in filing and pressing charges. For more information, you may want to consult with Levitt LLP for their resources and insights.

2. Workplace Harassment

No one should ever have to put up with racist, sexist, or otherwise inappropriate and denigrating conduct in the workplace. From protections against racist or bigoted actions to #MeToo’s revolutionary impact on the workplace, employment lawyers have helped reshape Canadian workplace law over the decades. If you are being harassed on the basis of race, sex, religion, politics, or orientation, employment lawyers can help you find justice.

3. Contract Violations

When you start working for a company, you typically sign an employee-employer contract. They can cite breaches in that agreement as proper cause for firing you – but you can point to the same to argue against improper firings or conduct on their part.

Examples of contract violations include:

  • Being fired without proper cause
  • Not being given all the benefits to which you are due
  • Having salary withheld from you
  • Not receiving severance pay to which you are due
  • Workplace harassment

4. Whistleblower Protection

Few workplace protections are as important as those that protect whistleblowers who uncover illegal and unethical workplace behaviour. Coming forward against an employer who is engaging in illegal activity can be a nerve-wracking process that requires careful navigation of the law.

5. Class Action and Compensation Claims

In addition to protections against wrongful actions on the part of your employer, these lawyers can also help you press charges against them if you feel that you are due compensation. For example, if you have been injured as a direct result of your work, worked in conditions that caused you to become sick, or otherwise have seen your quality of life suffer due to their conduct, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In addition, employees who feel they have been cheated out of some of the pay to which they are due, they may be entitled to press a class action lawsuit. Either way, a lawyer who specializes in employment law can help you win justice and much-needed monetary remuneration.

With the help of legal experts in employment law, you can get the justice you need and deserve.