How to Make Tires Last Longer in Your Car

When it comes to inspecting your vehicle for regular maintenance, some parts require immediate attention. The battery, for example, is one area that should be reviewed, so that your vehicle does not fail while on the road. Your tires are another component that are vital, as the car simply cannot move without them.

Modern tires are built to last, especially for the long term. However, that does not mean that they are invulnerable, and they can accumulate damage over time. Be on the safe side, and always use certain techniques in order to keep the tires Toronto going well into the future.

Here is how you can make tires last longer in your car:

1. Rotate Your Tires

To make tires last longer, car tire rotation is essential. There are some methods to ensure your tires continue performing without failing on you on short notice. Some, such as rotating the tires, are much more viable and more convenient to do. Rotating your tires is not incredibly difficult, but it has to be done in a certain way.

For starters, remove both the front tires, as well as the back tires. Then, move each to their opposite side. The reason behind this technique has to do with equalizing the tread wear on each wheel. The tires on the vehicle’s front tend to wear out much faster; rotation helps keep things even!

2. Avoid Weighing Down Tires

Speaking of putting excess pressure on your set of wheels, always be cognizant of how much weight is in the car. For example, placing heavy items on the roof box of the vehicle may put stress on your tires at the front. To counteract this situation, always move heavier items to the trunk.

The back area of every vehicle is better equipped to handle larger volumes of weight. That is because the centre of gravity within your car will not be hindered overall. Plus, this has the added benefit of allowing your tires to roll, which assists tire life in general.

3. Tire Storage

Believe it or not, but the way in which you store your seasonal tires has more of an effect than you’d anticipate. When you are removing your summer tires, for instance, always keep them sheltered inside. Keeping them exposed outdoors puts them at risk, due in part to the sun’s rays.

The UV rays emanating from the sun can result in weather cracking, subtly damaging your tires. To keep them lasting longer, simply move the tires indoors and out of sight from the sun.

4. Tire Pressure

Alongside rotating your tires, another simple trick to maintaining your tire’s longevity is to check its pressure. In this regard, you’ll have to defer to the manufacturer’s recommended PSI. Known as pounds per square inch, this figure is what your air pressure should be for the respective tire.

5. Driving Carefully

Above all else, the way in which you drive on the road will have an impact on your tire’s longevity. As a result, try to drive as safely and as slowly as you can when operating your vehicle. Even the most minor road hazards encountered can negatively impact your tires, after all.

6. Replacing Old Tires

Even with the best of intentions, your tires may sometimes not be able to be salvaged. So, always double-check with your car dealer on how you should proceed. Replacing your aged-out tires may be the way to go in this light. Extending a tire’s lifespan is crucial, but always stay on the safer side of things too!