Modern Wood Fireplace Ideas

Fire is a powerful element that produces heat and light; we have been harnessing it since dawn. Before electricity, it was used for heating and cooking, with fireplaces inside homes as the central hub of different rooms.

Today, we still use these to provide heat, along with the allure of the flame and traditional fireplaces are surrounded by brick and stone against a wall in your home. There are, however, many more modern styles that people love, and it gives an updated twist on a classic structure within our residences.

Are you looking to bring in a controlled fire for your home that fits your current design? These are some great, modern fireplace ideas to consider.

Idea #1: Industrial Fireplace

Instead of going for standard bricks, you can give your fireplace an industrial upgrade. People love to have the look and feel of a warehouse or factory conversion in their homes, and your fireplace can be part of that by incorporating metal, wood and concrete.

A concrete fireplace is streamlined and creates a raw beauty that is minimalistic and clean. Concrete is very durable, the perfect shielding for your wall and surrounding area, and the firebox sits inside to add to the rugged charm. Metal framing and wooden mantel complete the effect that fits with this popular design style.

Idea #2: See Through Fireplace

Most wood fireplaces you see are against a wall with the chimney stack built of brick, running up the wall, through the ceiling and out. Why not move that fireplace into the room and allow access from both sides? This dual-sided fireplace is a statement piece that can be enjoyed in multiple rooms and uses space well. It becomes a room separator for a dining room and living room where heat flows from both sides, and the space is still an open concept.

These see-through fireplaces can also be indoor/outdoor, so if you have a covered deck, it can be enjoyed there at the same time as inside the home.

Idea #3: Suspended Fireplace

Some of these suspended fireplaces look dated from the 60s, but modern designs have returned them. These have vent pipes hanging down from the ceiling and can be all contained to float above the floor. Another style has a fire pit look, with the vent pipe hanging from above, so you can access the flames in a 360-degree arrangement.

Idea #4: Oversized Fireplace

You have probably seen an extra large fireplace at a fancy hotel or in the movies, and these are usually classic designs that look historic. You can use marble or granite as a surround with the same grand effect but with a modern twist. White is a current home trend as it looks clean and inviting, and your fireplace can grab everyone’s attention and be the grand feature in your living room.

Idea #5: Wood Stove

A wood stove is a practical fireplace used for heating cabins and homesteads but is being brought into new homes to add to the design and decor. There are many new modern styles to choose from, and they can be used for heating and cooking, along with large glass viewing doors to enjoy the fire on display.

This is also a way to add a fireplace to an existing home where you don’t need a bricklayer to come in and make major renovations. Instead, these modern heating appliances drop in fast and vent out from the wall or ceiling without a big mess or construction undertaking.

Idea #6: Updated Classic Fireplace

If you already have a regular fireplace in your home but it is brick and looks old, you can easily bring it into the present by changing the face.

There are many options, including:

  • Tile
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Glass

These and other modern finishes will transform your fireplace and match it with your current decor. Besides the face and surround, you can also put in a different hearth and mantle. This can also be done with modern building materials and finishes matching your sides or creating contrast, like white timber or metal on the mantle and concrete on the base.

A box in the chimney will also complete the overall effect. This facade is not structural or fire retardant, so it can be designed with shelving, pillars, or anything else you fancy.

These are great modern wood fireplace ideas to get your design wheels spinning. See what will work in your home, and then visit your local fireplace store to check out their modern options. They may have more current styles for you, and before you know it, you may add more than one fireplace to your home because it is just that easy.