Six Things to Look for in a DNA Testing Kit

If you want your DNA tested for whatever reason, finding a good home DNA test kit is the first step. It wasn’t that long ago when people could only take these types of tests with visits to a medical lab, but that is no longer the case. Home kits use your saliva or a mouth swab to test your DNA, and from there they can tell a lot about you. People use this information for various reasons, so if you’re looking for one of these kits, here are a few things to consider along the way.

1. The Type of Test it Is

Simply put, there are many different types of at-home DNA kits, and the three main types include a Y-DNA test, autosomal DNA test, and a mitochondrial DNA test. Autosomal DNA tests contain the most information and are therefore what people prefer when they wish to learn about their family lineage. With this type of DNA test, you can learn all about both living relatives and your ancestors.

2. How Private the Test Is

Privacy is crucial when choosing a home DNA test kit like CRI Genetics because let’s face it, your personal information is no one’s business. The company that makes the test kit should not claim any ownership rights in the test results. If you’re looking at different kits, make sure you read what the company does with the information it receives so that your DNA information isn’t available to just anyone.

3. How Easy the Test Is to Use

The last thing you want is a DNA test that is complicated or which requires additional costs or steps to get the result. When you’re researching home kits, make sure each one has everything you need so that all you have to do is get your sample completed, put it in a prepaid envelope, and send it straight to the company. Nothing else should be required.

4. The Precision of the Test

Most DNA test companies will indicate in their literature just how accurate their tests are, and this is important information to know. Keep in mind that no DNA test is going to be 100% accurate simply because there are so many things that can affect that accuracy. Nevertheless, you’ll want to look for a test that is as close to 100% as possible.

5. What You Get in Return for Your Money

Naturally, the results you get from your home DNA test kit are very important, so if you’re looking for something specific, such as how much of your DNA consists of a certain ethnicity, the test you take should be able to tell you that. If you’re wondering “how Italian” you are or “how French” you are, the test you take should give you this information.

6. The Price of the Kit

The cost of the DNA test kit should never be your only consideration, but it is still important. Some DNA tests are more expensive than others, but they average around $100 each. That being said, you can save a lot of money if you look for specials and deals these companies always seem to offer.