Top 5 Ways That Underground Mining Technology Helps

The mining industry is full of risks, as workers go into the ground to extract important minerals that are used in a number of different ways. These resources are critical for construction and many more industries, and many countries have their economies linked to the resources that are mined there. You can use underground mining technology to make mining safer, more precise, and more productive. Take a look at the top five ways that underground mining technology from companies like Newtrax helps.

1. It Makes Mining Safer

Underground mining is dangerous, and miners need to take many precautions to stay safe. The people above ground can’t see what they are doing, and there isn’t a way to communicate if a problem comes up. One of the best ways to improve safety is by making communication possible. Using technology for underground monitoring, you can monitor the miners while they are underground. Monitoring makes it easier to protect anyone who gets isolated underground, and you get the information you need in real time. This improves safety by reducing fatalities, injuries, and other losses in an emergency.

2. You Can Monitor Underground Spaces with Drones

You can use underground mining technology to monitor underground spaces with drones. You can send them in to assess cavities or open slopes, and they don’t require a pilot. You get the information right away, and the drone obtains it safely and quickly. It is easy to use these drones, as you need only give it a mission, and it will go get the data and return to you with it.

3. You Can Use Wearable Technology to Track Workers

One form of technology that is available is wearable technology for miners who go underground. People above ground can track them, and the workers are visible all the time. This gives supervisors a complete picture so that they can learn how to increase their overall productivity. If there is an incident, they can respond more quickly, which can prevent the situation from becoming more dangerous.

4. They Offer Operational Intelligence

Operational intelligence is a type of technology that lets mining companies make a digital copy of a mine. They can gather information on the landscape below the ground and study the information in the digital copy. This allows them to improve the safety of any operations, and they can monitor the mine while people are underground. If there is a dangerous situation, they can trigger an alarm, and they can monitor everything in real time. Operational intelligence allows mining companies to digitize some of their operations, and they can make decisions in real time. The digital copy is updated in real time as changes occur, and it is much easier to study the operation and find ways to improve it.

5. Automation Makes Mining More Efficient

Automation improves efficiency in any industry, and mining is no different. Companies developing mining technology are working on an autonomous mining system that can use robotic technology to automate tasks. They can dig, explore, and more, and the robotic technology improves the safety of people and allows mining companies to access locations that are too dangerous or remote for people.