What Blinds Are In Style: 8 Popular Blinds Trends

The blinds in our homes are often overlooked. Blinds are taken for granted since we do not think they have a secondary or tertiary use. While that sentiment may be true for some homeowners, that doesn’t mean you should be neglected. Look at any of the rooms inside your home and the windows. There will usually be curtains or window blinds to give you some privacy. These blinds make up a predominant part of your living space..

If you want to take your interiors to the next level, why not invest in some newer window blinds? You can choose from many Hunter Douglas blinds, known to be trendy and fashionable. In addition, there are other options that may accommodate your tastes. Here are eight in-style blinds and popular trends that can add some flair to your chosen rooms.

Trend #1: Wood Blinds

Sometimes, returning in time is the best way to create something new. Wooden blinds are one of the most conventional forms of blinds to get acquainted with. While they will usually be of a standard variation of brown, they are available in more modern colours too. These window blinds work wonders if you have a specific theme in your targeted room.

As with most blinds in today’s design sector, they can come in various sizes too. The bigger the blinds, the more effective they will be at blocking outdoor eyes. Plus, there will barely be any natural light peaking in during the daylight hours. Wooden blinds may also be the most cost-effective choice if you are on a budget.

Trend #2: Faux Wood Blinds

If you only have a budget to work with, you may not be in the market for authentic wooden blinds. Wooden blinds can indeed be relatively easy on your wallet. However, depending on the quantity desired, you may soon find out that it can add up financially. Luckily, there is a similar, albeit different, option.

Faux wooden blinds are just as popular as their authentic counterpart. The only difference is that the composition of these blinds is not comprised of real wood. Instead, laminate material is used with other materials to create the blinds. You can do no wrong with these if you are searching for something cheap but of the same quality standard!

Trend #3: Vertical Shaped

Usually, blinds are generally made horizontally. It has been the tried-and-true standard for all homeowners, as it also appears easy on the eyes. On the other hand, the opposite form of window blinds is quickly picking up steam in terms of popularity. Why not give vertical window blinds a shot if you want to go in a unique direction?

As the name implies, these blinds run vertically against the window they are installed on. You must use the same motion as you would for their horizontal counterpart to close them. Sometimes, vertical window blinds look a lot better since they are designed that way, to begin with.

Trend #4: Roller Blinds

Typically, most of us would select the window blinds that are the same across various properties. Whether they are vertical or horizontal, this standard sets the foundation for your windows in essence. However, they are not the only blinds to know about.

Roller blinds are another option to think about using if you do not want separate blinds. They work as the name implies; a large, singular blind can be rolled up and down as desired. It may not have the most effective blocking of light, but it is unique!

Trend #5: Mini Blinds

Depending on the user’s preferences, window blinds typically come in a standard or larger size. While this may be useful for most of us, it can detract from the overall image. Depending on the room, you may want to use miniature blinds to bolster the room’s appearance.

Trend #6: Outdoor Blinds

In some situations, you may want to try adding blinds to your windows from the outside. These versions of the same window blind oppositely set work. Given the right circumstances, they can offer you some newfound privacy for your needs.

Trend #7: Mixed Set Blinds

Your home’s rooms will vary in terms of the scattered windows. Sometimes, one window in the room may require a different set of blinds than another. In this regard, it may be best to mix-and-match, to obtain the desired result.

Trend #8: Customized Set Blinds

Window blinds can only be installed at the homeowner’s discretion. As a result, you want to ensure they are always customized according to your preferences. That way, you ensure that the final result will be unique in appearance!