What Do Retirees Do All Day: 12 Popular Activities

Many dream of retirement – when they no longer need to work and can simply enjoy their time. Many, once they arrive at that point, suddenly find themselves struggling to adjust. Retiree life, as it turns out, is not easy. It’s why many retirees want to re-enter the workforce or feel lost trying to discover who they are. Even in retirement homes, seniors may not know where to start finding joy in themselves again.

Fortunately, there is a lot one can try to overcome that feeling and mindset. Here, we try to answer what retirees do all day.

Develop a Self-Care Routine

Many retirees have the time to get in the sleep they want and wake up ready to start their personal care routine. For any senior, try to find a self-care routine or series of habits you can practice every day that leaves you feeling confident and happy. Make it something you can look forward to waking up to.

Connect with Others in a Social Setting

Not only do retirees keep in contact with old friends, but they are encouraged to connect with new friends and acquaintances. Many do. Many retirees seek connections, especially in retirement homes and the like. Many people find making new friends in retirement far easier than before.

Engage In Fitness And Exercise

More retirees than ever are getting themselves in better shape through daily exercise plans and fitness regimens. Some seniors are in better shape today than in decades because of their effort in lifting weights, stretching and yoga, engaging in cardio, and eating nutritious food.

Entertain Their Creativity

Write your memoir. Become an artist. Learn an instrument. A retiree who has always had an interest in art can engage with those interests with the time they have on their hands. Especially in a retirement community, there may be classes or chances to share one’s creativity and try various types of self-expression.

Watch Your Favorite TV Shows

TV shows and movies are the most popular leisure activity for seniors. Seniors 65 and up watch an average of 4.6 hours of TV daily, compared to 1.9 hours for people ages 25 to 44. With more TV than ever being produced, you can find all sorts of programs, new and old, to dig into and explore and be thoroughly entertained by.

Enjoy Regular Meals with Friends and Family

Plan out a weekly lunch with friends or a dinner with family. Make it something you can attend every week and look forward to. It’s a great way to get out, check in with people you care about, and socialize while enjoying a meal at your favourite restaurant or home.

Plants and Gardening

Retirees repeatedly go to garden care and plants to reconnect with Mother Earth. More than any other age group, seniors actively take care of plants indoors and outdoors. There are opportunities to grow various fruits, vegetables, flowers, and greenery from spring through summer.

Fun with Board Games, Card Games, and More

Especially in retirement homes, games play a key role in bringing retirees together and encouraging connection. They play a role in face-to-face social interactions and the organization of social functions. There are even some retirees who dig into video games and virtual reality.

Cooking From Your Recipe Book

Seniors have also shown interest in trying new recipes, filling out the family cookbook, and cooking more regularly. Now that you have the time as a retiree, you can work on something like a broth all day long and fine-tune recipes you never had the chance to properly dig into.

Learn Something You’ve Always Wanted

Many retirees have the time to invest in hobbies, activities, and learning in a way they couldn’t during their working years. If there’s always been something you’ve wanted to learn but haven’t been able to because of a lack of time, retirement is the chance to dive in!

Engage in Side Projects

Instead of returning to work, more seniors engage in side hustles and projects, sometimes contributing only an hour or two a day. From homemade crafts to woodworking projects, side projects can supplement existing income while keeping a retiree engaged in a passion of theirs.

Relax Whenever You Like

The biggest advantage of being a retiree is you get to kick back whenever you like, enjoy your time, and simply relax and think however you like to do it. On average, people aged 65 and older spend 30 minutes daily relaxing, reflecting, and thinking at their own pace with no obligations or responsibilities to interfere.