11 Popular Short Blonde Hair Ideas for Women

Short hair is perfect for the summer. And if you want your summer to feel playful and glamorous, you could even go blonde on top of getting a cute haircut.

Your hair stylist can help you choose a haircut that will compliment your facial features and a shade of blonde that will look great with your skin tone. Because even though you might fall in love with many shades of blonde, you need to be aware that some shades work better with cool skin tones while others are perfect for warm skin tones.

You must also remember that short blonde hair will require more maintenance than your current hairstyle. If you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into styling and maintaining your short blonde hair, let your hair stylist know.

If they expose your roots, your new hairstyle will be much easier to maintain.

Let’s get you inspired by these 11 short blonde hair ideas.

Idea #1: Bob with blonde balayage

With a bob haircut, you can expect your hair to be cut just below your jawline or right above it. Bobs are timeless and have many variations: you can get an asymmetrical bob, a graduated one, or an A-line bob, shorter in the back than in the front.

A bob with a blonde balayage is perfect if you want a low-maintenance style. With the balayage, you won’t need to constantly touch up your roots. You will only need to go to the hair salon for the occasional touch-up.

Idea #2: Platinum blonde curls

If you have naturally curly hair or like the idea of having short blonde curls, you could boldly dye your hair platinum blonde.

Platinum blonde curls will look great with a bob or a lob, which is a long bob haircut.

Idea #3: Short icy blonde hair

Instead of platinum blonde, you could choose icy blonde hair. Whether you have curls, a pixie cut, or a sleek and blunt cut, this cool shade of blonde will turn heads.

You must use purple shampoo to keep your icy blonde short hair looking cool and fresh.

Idea #4: Layered pixie

If you want to get your hair out of your face, ask your hair stylist for a layered, spiky blonde pixie cut.

Before you decide to get a pixie cut, be aware that your facial features and your brows will instantly be exposed. If you like experimenting with makeup, this will be the right time. It will also be the perfect time to show off your collection of huge earrings.

Idea #5: Messy pixie

A blonde pixie will make you look bold, fierce and confident. But if you opt for a messy pixie cut with many layers, you will also appear playful and whimsical.

Remember that even though a pixie is a short haircut, it requires a lot of maintenance, especially if you don’t want your roots to be exposed.

Idea #6: Short hair with blunt ends

Not everyone wants to look fierce and whimsical. If you prefer something classy, fresh and modern, get short blonde hair with blunt ends.

To make the most of your blunt ends, you must work with a straightening iron if your hair is not naturally straight.


Idea #7: Sleek bob

If you have straight hair, you could get a sleek blonde bob. This face-framing hairstyle is great for those with thin hair, but you can also make it work if it is thick or unruly.

If you want to regularly style your hair with a straightening iron, remember to protect your hair from the heat so you can keep it healthy and smooth.

Idea #8: Wavy bob

There is no need to straighten your wavy hair if you don’t want to. A wavy bob will look glamorous and stunning, especially in your favourite shade of blonde.

To add a boost of volume to your hairstyle, you can ask your hair stylist for a deep side part.

Idea #9: Angled choppy bob

If you want volume, layers and dimension in your blonde mane, an angled choppy bob would be a great short hair idea for you.

You could get longer layers in the front and shorter layers in the back.

Idea #10: Lob with face-framing highlights

Go for a lob if you want a little longer than a bob. Again, you could get shorter layers in the back and longer layers in the front.

And to make the most of this hairstyle, you could get lovely face-framing blonde highlights.

Idea #11: Shoulder-length loose curls

If you want short hair that isn’t too short, you could get beautiful loose curls that brush your shoulders.

This is a great hairstyle to display gorgeous highlights and low lights in your blonde hair.