18 Most Popular Small Home Renovation Ideas

A small home can be a challenge. Unless a renovation is going to add square footage, a home reno for a small home comes with strict limits on what’s possible. Fortunately, there are some amazing small home renovation ideas, optical illusions you can play with, affordable upgrades and updates, and more that suit practically smaller-than-average properties.

From the experts in interior design and home remodelling, here’s how to remake your home into something more. Check out these popular small home renovation ideas.

Idea #1: Dress Up Your Walls

Walls are significant to home renovations. Make your walls into something artistic and multi-dimensional. Think of repainting in different colour combinations, installing shelving boards, and wainscoting.

Idea #2: Redo Your Closets

Look inside your home’s closets and add functional pieces to the area. This could be new hanging rods, shelves, open storage, and drawers or baskets.

Idea #3: Make a Statement Ceiling

Make your ceiling stand out. Add distinctive details. Stained wood beams are a beautiful aesthetic for a cottage look. In a more contemporary space, geometric patterns sized and spaced apart just right can make your ceiling something worth looking up for.

Idea #4: Add More Access to Exterior Space

Connect the inside to the outdoors. Knock out your wall space and install floor-to-ceiling windows with a double door on a slider. This is a great opportunity to bring in more natural light as well.

Idea #5: More Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

High-quality kitchen cabinets are an excellent small home renovation and can add a new aesthetic to your kitchen. You may even remove the upper cabinet doors to give your kitchen a wider space.

Idea #6: Change Window Treatments

Add new fabric or shades, or find another way to provide your windows with an eye-catching display. There are lots of ways to redress and redesign a window treatment.

Idea #7: Update Your Flooring

Peel-and-stick flooring is a large category where you don’t need to remove your existing floors to redesign what you’ve got. A homeowner can redesign flooring throughout the home or in a single room.

Idea #8: Create or Redo Your Outdoor Area

An outdoor exterior space screened-in and built near or on your home is a useful, refreshing way to provide square feet in abundance. Ensure it has lots of privacy and is blocked off from pests. Include shades, light fixtures, fans, and other essentials to make it more livable year-round.

Idea #9: Swap Out Hardware in Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Replace the old with new hardware. New pulls for drawers, new door knobs, and new fixtures. Redo your bathroom, kitchen, and any other room with this hardware for more flair and personality.

Idea #10: Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door does not require any square feet to open or close. It slides within a grid. It can be used to hide one room from the next, as a means of disguising an area, and can be a visual opportunity for colour contrast.

Idea #11: Create a Mini-Mudroom

If your home has the space in its entryway, consider building a seat, a shelf, and hooks to create a budget-friendly mudroom. You may even set up a cubby for each family member here.

Idea #12: Connect Rooms

Take a wall down or connect rooms using interior windows, pass-throughs, or similar designs. So long as your support beams can continue performing their tasks, this can add new openness to a small home.

Idea #13: Redo Your Kitchen Backsplash

A very affordable small home renovation can be to redo your kitchen backsplash in tile, granite, tin, or whatever pattern and material inspires you. What you choose depends on your decor style and personal aesthetics.

Idea #14: Install Smart Home Lighting

Smart home lights, automated schedules, and dimmers are all ways to convert an older home into a new one. If you don’t want to go into smart home territory, the next best thing is installing a dimmer to get soft, ambient lighting whenever you want.

Idea #15: Install a New Light Fixture

In your dining room, install a new light fixture. This can be a game-changing alteration to your ceiling space and room, reinvigorating the space with a new interior design aesthetic.

Idea #16: New Kitchen Countertops

New countertops are not making the kitchen. You already have an even more amazing look. Indulge. This is one of the hardest working surfaces in your home. Add a more expensive material in stone or tile and see the difference.

Idea #17: Redo Your Shower Stall

A redone luxury shower with new tile, a stool, and a few amenities can make your entire bathroom feel new. Just ensure the design fits before embarking on a rebuild and that it’s waterproof.

Idea #18: Repaint in a Neutral Color Palette

Neutral colours help bounce and reflect light around the room, creating a more spacious and open feel. Consider what some neutral tones can do if you want to expand your space without adding square footage.