How to Deep Clean an Office Properly

Daily cleaning is required for any office to maintain a sense of cleanliness and to keep its presentation professional. Like any commercial space, however, deeper cleans are needed to keep things looking sparkling, new, and all-business. From the floors to the furniture, how to deep clean an office depends on what’s in the room as well as the schedule you have taken on.

An office deep clean does not need to happen every week. It shouldn’t. Many offices schedule a deep clean once a month, quarterly, or even every six months. No matter what you decide, here is how to deep clean an office correctly when you engage.

Tackle areas forgotten

Some areas in the office may not be touched for weeks or months. Those are the areas that commercial cleaning services can help you target. Identify what those areas are before embarking on your cleaning.

Clear away the clutter

Firstly, clutter is the first to tackle before you dig into the heavy lifting and labour-intensive tasks of deep cleaning an office. Remove clutter from desks. Any bags or boxes on the floor need to be picked up. Ensure rooms are properly arranged, with minimal clutter on surfaces.

Clean around office furniture

As you clean the floors and the walls, don’t just work around office furniture. Lift and move furniture. Pull desks away from the walls to tidy up behind them. Move filing cabinets out. Clean under and around everything.

Dust from top to bottom

Start high and work down. Remove the cobwebs from ceilings, doorways, and lighting fixtures with a duster. Dust door frames and shelves. Carefully work down the blinds. Dust window sills, radiators, vents, baseboards, and walls for any cobwebs.

Spray down common surfaces

Spray and wipe down all common touchpoints, including doorknobs, handles, light switches, and desks. Tackle phones, keyboards, and computer screens, wiping away all smudges and debris.

Tackle odors

Odors can occur anywhere. Bathroom drains. Upholstered furniture. Carpet. Deep cleaning should eliminate these odours. However, if you notice specific odours in specific areas, investigate. Determine what it is. Bring the right cleaning products to the table to eliminate those scents.

Clean marks off walls

Look for marks or areas of damage that may require addressing. In many cases, Magic Erasers and similar products can remove marks without damage to the underlying paint.

Clean your floors

The floors are among the last tasks on this how-to-deep clean office checklist. If you have carpets, vacuum them, check for stains, and then deep-clean. If it’s hard floors, vacuum, mop, and disinfect the area, providing time to dry the floors before employees return.

Shred old documents

This task may be tied in with inventory and yearly paperwork tasks. However, many incorporate shredding documents with their deep clean. This way, it can be tossed out with all other junk, clutter, and garbage once done.

Clean the office fridge

From top to bottom, clean the office fridge. Spray and wipe. Remove everything. Dispose of expired items. Leave the fridge looking like new.

Tackle the office kitchen

The office kitchen is a breeding ground for germs. Be sure to thoroughly clean dishware and their storage area. Deep clean electronic appliances, including the coffee maker. Disinfect surfaces where food is prepared or eaten.

Tackle the office bathroom

Office bathrooms are cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected every day. There should not be much to do inside of a deep clean. You will still want to go over cleaning the toilets, sinks, and common touchpoints.

Reorganize office reception

Reception and waiting areas are an important look for an office. Ensure the area is well-organized and spotless. Ensure any books and magazines are in their right place. Ensure the water cooler works and everything’s just as it should be.

Empty the garbage and recycling

After a deep clean, an office will have at least a few bags of garbage and recycling to bring out. Everything can be tossed into the appropriately defined dumpsters. Have this be your last step so that everything’s done clean and the waste that’s been generated can be disposed of.

Hire reputable commercial cleaning services

To properly deep clean an office, hire the experts. A high-quality commercial cleaning services company comes with the equipment and cleaners required to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Instead of attempting to do it all yourself, save money by leaning on a pro-level cleaner.

When to deep clean your office

Deep cleaning of an office should occur at least once a year. Special circumstances where a deep clean is more appropriate are before or after a large event, before or after moving into a new office space, or when a new client or service provider is coming to the office.