Different Types of Corporate Videos

In a way that text never is, video is dynamic and versatile for corporations and businesses seeking ways to promote and reach people. A video is content brought to life. In today’s content-driven world, video is marketing’s best weapon in many ways. Video paves the way for a meaningful, lasting impact with customers.

There are many different types of corporate videos, some leaning heavily on sales and promotional tactics while others are geared more towards being informative, funny, entertaining, or business-friendly.

Here are the most common types of corporate videos you may wish to lean on as you serve your business interests.

Type #1: Company Profile Videos

A company profile video is a short-to-comprehensive overview of your corporation. It shares your values, the types of products and services you are known for, and how your business wants to be perceived.

Type #2: Product or Service Promotion Videos

A product or service promotional video is pure sales 101. This corporate video is often used to introduce a new product or service, market it in a specific light, and create awareness for that product. Corporate video-making most often uses a video like this for a product launch.

Type #3: Live Video Streaming

For an event, a corporation may engage with live streaming. Live video can also encompass webinars or Zoom recordings. This is a long-form type of video that can pose some technical challenges. However, the expectation for the quality of this type of video is not as high as it is for more professionally done short-form video content.

Type #4: Customer Testimonial Videos

You may use a customer testimonial or review video to share customers’ experiences using a specific product or service. This can be very engaging and useful for certain segments of the population. Customer testimonials are also a great way to showcase how to use a specific product and share a service’s benefits.

Type #5: How-To Explainer Videos

A how-to video explains. It can be live-action, animated, or a blend of both. This type of video offers insights into using a specific product or service. It can be colourful and fun but is more geared toward being informative rather than selling.

Type #6: Investor Relations Videos

An investor video is geared towards business partners and stakeholders who have invested in the company. It is often used to share financial results with investors or to communicate company directives to internal employees. Critical financial and corporate information is sometimes shared in this type of video, which often has limited distribution.

Type #7: Customer Onboarding Videos

A customer onboarding video welcomes new customers or partners to your corporation. It guides new customers through the initial stages of working with you, giving them first impressions of your company and setting the tone for what’s ahead.

If your customer base is membership-related, this video will be key to engaging them early on.

Type #8: Corporate Social Responsibility Videos

A corporate social responsibility video demonstrates a company’s philanthropic efforts. It might share a non-profit or charity with which your business is partnered or demonstrate upcoming causes you will support.

Type #9: Recruitment and Hiring Videos

As a recruitment tool, video can effectively share the benefits and advantages of working at your corporation. A recruitment video is typically done to highlight company culture and inform potential talent about what to expect if hired.

Type #10: Safety Learning Videos

A safety video is used in corporations where compliance with safety standards and regulations is necessary. It explains internal procedures and programs, defines safety within the corporation’s context, and outlines what a worker is expected to do regarding security and compliance.

Type #11: AI Videos

An AI corporate video is a video made by artificial intelligence. These vary heavily in quality, and corporations are generally not recommended to go this route due to the lack of quality. Many AI videos utilize images, generic videos, and graphics to communicate their message, and they often pale in comparison to a video planned, shot, and edited by an expert video marketing team.

Type #12: Event Recap Videos

An event recap video shares an event, conference, or trade show the company recently participated in. They offer insights into how these events went and may share insights on trends, challenges, solutions, or similar subjects. These are sometimes done as a compilation, sharing the experience of multiple events typically gathered together over a season or year.

Type #13: Grassroots Videos

A grassroots video does not involve much production or editing. It can be filmed on a smartphone or done informally and often targets the YouTube or social media audience. A corporation may even hire an influencer or presenter to give this type of outreach marketing more of an authentic vibe.

Type #14: Internal Communications Videos

Internal communications are a rarer type of corporate video. They update internal stakeholders on policy and procedure updates, share and clarify company news, mark and outline directional changes, and address similar matters.