12 Most Popular Paint Colors for Living Rooms

Your living room color speaks volumes about what kind of home you maintain. From old classics to new trends, it’s a big decision deciding what the right shade is to sit your living room in. If your furniture or décor may change down the line, you also want to weigh how that might affect a room’s color.

Your painters Etobicoke can work with you on deciding the best colors to paint in your house. Here are the most popular paint colors for living rooms:

1. White

White is one of the most popular paint colors for living rooms, since it is considered a classic living room color. To this day, white is the most popular living room paint color. It’s a backdrop on which you can plant almost anything.

White doesn’t clash. It’s a safe choice, although some may say a little boring. If you choose white, it’s going to be your other décor and furniture which will create conversation in around room.

2. Green

Green is an echo of the natural environment. It signifies harmony, growth, and Earth. Green splashes onto a living room, giving it a whole different vibe compared to whites and neutrals. Greens can be subtle or bold, an alternative for dull spaces. Combine a green living room with some houseplants and you really have an all-natural, eco-friendly vibe going.

3. Jewel Tones

Jewel tones mimic the look of gemstones. They are things like emerald, amethyst, and ruby. Combined with some metallic pieces in your living room and you can achieve a very unique appearance working with jewel tones. They’re a little more mysterious and some would even say risky so unless you know what you’re doing with them, we’d consider safer bets.

4. Warm Gray

Grays have been very popular for years now. A warm gray in a living room works well at adding shade and mood where white can’t. They also will make your walls feel more spacious. They’ve been saying for years that gray is going out of fashion. It’s yet to happen. Homeowners still frequently go to gray when they need their living rooms painted.

5. Blue

Blue was recently voted as ‘America’s favourite color’. It’s a color that brings people together. Blue is calming, stabilizing, and is attractive in all sorts of shades. Blue works just as well with hardwood floors and bold furniture colors as it does with neutrals like brown and cream. A supremely stylish choice, blue is clean like water and signifies life, living, and community.

6. Purple

Shades of purple in a living room give it a one-of-a-kind look. We recommend a deep, rich, saturated purple as opposed to a more neutral purple which can make a living room feel like a bedroom.

Look for a wine-infused purple without overdoing it on the darkness. Combine with furniture and flooring that’s light, and this creates a cohesive look for all to enjoy.

7. Mushroom

Mushroom is one of the best living room neutral paint colors available. It adds a lot of appeal, classic in what it adds to the room. Mushroom can be easily contrasted with colors like navy, brown, and rust. Since 2017, mushroom’s been a favourite on Pinterest living room paint color compilations.

8. Beige

Beige is your go-to neutral. It’s reliable, a color you know that’s going to bring out the natural textures of the furniture that surround it. A beige living room gives a minimalist feel. Homeowners continue to return to beige when they want something they don’t need to think about. It’s an easy answer to the question of what you’re going to paint your living room.

9. Mint Green

Mint Green is a very fresh color. It gives a tropical look to a living room. A sharp mint green is preferred by some homeowners who might be going for a cottage look or who want a retro design.

10. Hazelnut

Hazelnut is a wonderful, warm living room color. It’s inviting and adds some personality to the room. If you like the feeling of autumn and nature, hazelnut’s a great investment. Furthermore, hazelnut’s easy to combine with softer hues of brown and other nature-friendly colors.

11. Coral Pink

If you’re going to do pink, do it right. A coral pink works. Be ready for it. Add in furniture with complementary colors. If you don’t want to do the whole living room in pink, you may use it in a designated area.

If it’s open-concept, you may benefit from sectioning off a part of your living room using the paint color to do so. Coral is romantic and gives a bubble gum glow. That said, unsupportive homeowners will tell you that it’s a lot – and they’re not wrong.

12. Black

Black as a living room color – we say yes! It’s bold, we know. That’s what makes it so amazing. Black’s unexpected and dramatic in a living room. It gives architectural details more attention. Furniture will pop more against the dark.

Also, if glare from the sun’s an issue, black can help temper it. Needless to say, black as a living room color is a strong statement. If you aren’t sure about what you’re saying with your living room, steer clear of black.