5 Most Common Signs of a Serial Cheater

Nothing is so painful than knowing that your partner, whom you trusted with your feelings, has been cheating on you. Although some people make a one-time mistake, others may engage in a repeated pattern of cheating. Serial cheaters are known for this, making it difficult for their partners to trust them.

Recognizing the signs of a serial cheater is important. It helps you preserve your emotional well-being. Knowing that individuals can change and improve over time is crucial, but addressing these signs in your partner is a step towards resolving your relationship issues.

If you suspect your partner is a serial cheater, hire private investigator services to learn more. In addition, here are five signs you should look out for.

Sign #1: Inconsistent Stories and Lies

One sign that is often ignored by many couples about a cheating partner is inconsistent lies. If you notice that your partner consistently tells you lies and stories that do not add up, it could be a sign of a serial cheater. You will notice that their stories are inconsistent with their previous accounts and may give different versions of these accounts to other people. Such inconsistencies can leave you feeling confused concerning the truth.

Take it this way. Imagine your spouse telling you that they would be going out with his workmates, then the narrative changes the following day, claiming that they were out alone. What would come into your mind? Your wife or husband is hiding something from you.

Worse still, if you confront them about these inconsistencies, serial cheaters will always fabricate more lies because it helps them cover their tracks. They will try to develop more elaborate excuses, and if you persist in knowing more about their activities, they’ll most likely accuse you of being paranoid. It’s a manipulation technique that leaves you second-guessing every instinct you have about their infidelity.

Sign #2: Excessive Secrecy of Devices

Another sign you should never ignore if you suspect your partner is a serial cheater is too much secrecy about their phones and laptops. These days, our computers and phones act like our personal diaries. They have records of our interactions with others.

Although it’s not uncommon for someone to protect their devices from others, in a marital setting, it’s different. Marriage is an institution where honesty is the policy, and being overprotective about our belongings should be treated cautiously.

Think about it this way. Imagine that your spouse initially had no problem leaving their phone on the table, and you had free access to each other’s phones and laptops without concern. Then, suddenly, your partner begins guarding their phone like a top secret file, taking it with them everywhere they go.

To ensure that you don’t even attempt to use it while asleep, they set up a new password without your knowledge and deflect your concern when you ask him about it. What should come to your mind? He is hiding a secret affair from you. You’re probably dealing with a serial cheater.

Sign #3: Emotional Distance

Don’t ignore emotional distance in your relationship. It’s a sure sign that your spouse may be having another lover. Imagine a scenario where your spouse was once affectionate to you, even sharing his deep thoughts with you. Then, with time, they begin distancing themselves from you. You no longer engage in meaningful conversations, making love a nightmare.

Every time you want to make love with them, they become too preoccupied with other things. When you try to address the issue, they respond dismissively, making you feel emotionally abandoned. Such a pattern of behaviour is a sign of a serial cheater.

Sign #4: Lack of Remorse

In most cases, when you bring up the issue of infidelity with serial cheaters, they don’t show any remorse. Imagine discovering your partner’s secret affair and gathering the courage to lay out your feelings with the hope of them being remorseful to soothe your emotional wounds.

Then, instead of getting an apology, they deflect the blame on you, accusing you of being a controlling freak. Or worse, they admit but downplay the effect of their behaviour to make you feel like you’re overreacting. If you have experienced this, know you’re dealing with a serial cheater.

Sign #5: Sudden Change in Appearance

When your partner suddenly begins changing their appearance, it can signify that they want to attract someone’s attention. Picture this: your partner, who had shown no interest in grooming themselves for years, suddenly becomes obsessed with their looks, begins going to the gym and investing in stylish clothes.

This sudden change in appearance should be a red flag to your relationship, indicating that your partner is investing their emotions elsewhere. Although changes in appearance are not a direct indicator of infidelity, they can be a vital sign of a serial cheater, especially when paired with other suspicious behaviour changes.