5 Ways to Use a Mascot to Market Your Business

Mascot costumes aren’t just a fun and clever way to get the crowd moving at a sporting event. You can easily capture that energy and bring it into your office by creating an icon for your company. “Spokescreatures” work because they establish brand identity: you don’t see Tony the Tiger without immediately thinking of Frosted Flakes. The following tips will help you design and use a character that’s sure to make a lasting impression:

1. Keep Your Customer in Mind

Before you order those custom mascot costumes, think about what the key elements of what it is that you’re selling and how they are important to your customer. Use color theory: if you’re in the food industry, for example, colors like green and blue inspire calm and a sense of health. Designing a mascot also involves the clever use of lines and shapes. Thick, bold lines and blocky shapes make your character stand out. You should also ensure that the size and features of your character can also easily transition to multiple platforms, from the small screen of your customers’ mobile devices to the big splash of a billboard or a dramatic logo.

2. Make it Go Viral

Use your acting skills to broaden the scope of your company beyond the local. Get your employees together and make a flash mob starring your character and post the exciting event on all of your company’s social media channels. You can even use a custom hashtag to help spread the word.
3. Take it to the Streets

It’s important to look beyond social media as well: wearing mascot costumes also enables you and your employees to attract attention in the real world. Pick a crowded location close to your business and act out a scene that showcases your character using your product. This does more than just get some laughs: bystanders will remember this exaggerated theater and be encouraged to see what all the fuss is about, which directs them to you and your services.
4. Give Your Character Personality

What makes your mascot unique? Are they cute and cuddly, or sly and clever? Use your character’s features to play up their attitude whenever they talk to your customers. This makes for positive, memorable interactions and also helps keep your brand consistent because of the qualities your character represents.
5. Create Incentives

Have your character host a meet up at a popular location in your town or city, then encourage attendance with a prize! For example, the first hundred people to show up at the event can be entered into a raffle that includes your company’s product or services. Continue the good feelings by establishing a referral program that rewards customers for bringing friends and family to the event.

Above all,  Loonie Times mascots are a great way to encourage company loyalty because they’re an icon that makes your brand memorable. No matter which channel or channels you decide to use in order to make your character shine, it’s what those mascot costumes represent that’s important.